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How to Create an End Portal in Minecraft PE

The popular Minecraft offers players numerous ways to complete the narrative, but only one to find the Ender Dragon and get into The End biome. To complete the gameplay, players need to know how to make an End Portal in Minecraft.

However, a lot of players are rather puzzled about how exactly the portal has to be created, more so in the Pocket Edition (PE) of the game. No worries, we will put you through!

How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft PE

Ready to explore the End dimension and battle the infamous ender dragon? You’ll need to create an end portal first! Follow these simple steps to make an end portal in Minecraft PE.

Step 1: Find a Stronghold

You’ll need to find a stronghold in the game to create an end portal. You should note, though, that End Portals can only be physically built in the Creative Mode. But if you’re playing a Survival world, you have to find an already present End Portal in a Stronghold.

You can typically find these by throwing an Eye of Ender, which will lead you to the nearest stronghold. Once you’ve found a stronghold, explore it until you find the End Portal Room.

Step 2: Activate the frame

The End Portal Room will have a frame of End Portal Blocks. To activate the end portal, you must fill all 12 frame blocks with Eyes of Ender. Simply select the Eye of Ender in your inventory, and right-click on each frame-block until you fill them all.

When you build a frame, make sure than you arrange the blocks with the green tab on top. In Minecraft PE, place the blocks like any other one, but ensure that the green tab is visible on all 12 pieces. To destroy a block, in case to made a mistake, tap on it.

You’ll know you succeeded when the green tabs activate, and a greenish-black portal shows up at the core of your frame. If it doesn’t appear, try to change the Eyes of Ender in every block.

Step 3: Enter the portal

Once the frame is activated, the portal will be ready to enter. Simply step into the center of the portal, and wait for the world to gleam in order to reveal The End biome. You can find the Ender Dragon flying around the place, aggressively trying to kill you. Make sure you prepare with the ideal weapons to get it.

Pro tip: Before entering the End, ensure that you equip yourself with weapons, armor, and supplies, as it is a challenging and dangerous place.

Tips for Making an End Portal in Minecraft PE

To make an end portal in Minecraft PE can be a bit tricky, so here are some tips and tricks to help you successfully create one and embark on your adventure in the End dimension:

  1. Bring Backup
    Creating an end portal can take some time, and you’ll be vulnerable to attacks in the stronghold. Bring some backup, like a friend or some pets, to help protect you while you work.
  2. Farm Ender Pearls
    Ender pearls are a key ingredient in making Eyes of Ender. Before setting out to find a stronghold, farm plenty of Ender Pearls, so you have enough to create all 12 Eyes of Ender you’ll need.
  3. Keep Track of Your Coordinates
    It’s easy to get lost in the stronghold, so keep track of your coordinates as you explore. This will help you find your way back to the End Portal Room once you’ve found it.
  4. Don’t Look at the Endermen
    Endermen are common in the stronghold and can be dangerous if provoked. Avoid looking at them directly in the eyes, as this will cause them to become aggressive towards you.
  5. Bring Supplies for the Ender Dragon Battle
    Once you’ve entered the End dimension and defeated the ender dragon, you must collect the valuable loot it drops. Also, bring plenty of storage space and supplies like food and healing potions to help you in the battle and collect the loot.

Now that you know how to make an end portal in Minecraft PE, it’s time to embark on a new adventure and explore the mysterious End dimension. So grab your gear and get ready to battle the ender dragon!



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