How to Create an End Portal in Minecraft PE

The popular Minecraft offers players numerous ways to complete the narrative, but only one to find the Ender Dragon and get into The End biome.

In order to complete the gameplay, players need to know how to create an End Portal. However, a lot of players are rather puzzled about how exactly the portal has to be created, more so in the Pocket Edition (PE) of the game. We should note, though, that End Portals can only be physically built in the Creative Mode, but if you’re playing a Survival world, you have to find an already present End Portal in a Stronghold.

If you are playing the Creative Mode, you need to have 12 End Portal Frames and 12 Eyes of Ender before you begin the process. You can find the Frames and the Eyes in the Creative menu, so select the items and move them in your inventory.

As soon as you got the items, you have to place the End Portal Frames in a 4×4 pattern, but leave the four corner blocks out, like in the image accompanying this post.

Get the Ender Dragon

When you build a frame, you have to make sure than you’re arranging the blocks with the green tab on top. In Minecraft PE, place the blocks like any other one, but ensure that the green tab is visible on all 12 pieces. To destroy a block, in case to made a mistake, tap on it.

After you’ve constructed the frame, select the Eye of Enders, and put them inside each of the End Portal Frames. You’ll know you succeeded when the green tabs activate, and a greenish-black portal shows up at the core of your frame. If it doesn’t appear, try to change the Eyes of Ender in every block.

Once the portal appears, you can walk through it, and wait for the world to gleam in order to reveal The End biome. You can find the Ender Dragon flying around the place, aggressively trying to kill you. Be prepared with the ideal weapons in order to get it.

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