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TikTok: How to Create Duet Videos

If you’re looking to gain exposure and grow your following on TikTok, using the tool called ‘duet’ is the best way to do it. A duet enables you to TikTok side by side with other people’s videos, which can be incredibly useful as most such videos go viral almost instantly.

So how you do a duet with someone else’s video? Despite this sounding unclear and perhaps difficult, the process is extremely easy.

What is a TikTok Duet?

A TikTok​ duet can be likened to a reaction or parody of an original video. Basically, if you come across a video you think you can add something to and want to make your own spin-off, a TikTok​ duet allows you to do that. The feature puts the original video on one side of the display, and your creation on the other side; this makes a duet a side-by-side creation.

There are a few things you should know before you proceed with a duet. Firstly, the option may not always be available to you because some TikTok​ users disable it for their videos. However, once you find a video that has the function enabled, it’s common courtesy to not do your thing if the user is not close to you in follower or view count – this helps keep spammers away. So, when the tool is available, only duet with people in your follower or view count range.

How to Duet on TikTok?

When the duet feature is available, the process is very easy:

  • Make sure your app is running the latest version
  • Launch the TikTok​ app
  • Find the video you want to duet
  • Press the ‘Share’ button
  • You’ll see the ‘Duet’ option at the bottom left corner if the function is turned on
  • Wait for the settings to complete until you see the Duet screen
  • Press the red button to start recording your duet
  • Use the tools on the side of the screen to edit your creation
  • Once you’re done, tap on the checkmark that appears on the right side of the screen to head to another editing section
  • When you think the video is perfect, press on the ‘Next’ option, fill out the description and title of the creation and tap on the ‘Post’ button

Your video is now live, and people all over the world will be able to see it.

Wrap Up

Starting a duet with a TikTok​ user is extremely easy. When it comes to creating TikTok​ duet videos, the most difficult part for some is trying to come up with quality content that adds to the original video. However, do not get discouraged. Keep creating content, and, eventually, you’ll have your creations go viral, and the number of your following and views will be obviously increasing.



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