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How to Disable the Auto-Play Videos Function on Google Play Store

Auto-playing videos is one of the most annoying things ​that can happen while browsing. Whether on Netflix, YouTube, or a news portal, these videos playing without permission are incredibly irritating for most people.

This is the reason why, in September, when Goggle Play Store began testing the automatic playback of videos in the app, Android users hated it. If you haven’t seen these auto-playing nuisances yet, it is because they only appear in a handful of different places in the store. One of the most notable places is the main feed on the Games section.

There, they can be seen under the caption ‘Suggested for you’ or ‘Explore Recommended Games’ where you’ll observe a pulsating play button seconds before the auto-play begins. You can also see them by tapping on the ‘Explore Recommended Games’ option for an unlimited feed of game trailers.

How to Disable the Auto-Play Function in the Google Play Store

Fortunately, these options can now be easily disabled from the app’s Settings menu. Here is how to turn the function off.

• Start by opening the Google Play Store on your device
• The next step is to tap on the hamburger icon in the top-left corner to open the menu
• Scroll down, the menu list – only halfway, though – and find the ‘Settings’ option, then tap on it
• Choose the ‘Auto-Play Videos’ option below the ‘General’ subheading
• You can now select an option that best suits you: ‘auto-play video at any time,’ ‘auto-play videos over Wi-Fi only,’ and ‘don’t auto-play videos’
• Choose the third option if you don’t want the Google Play Store to play videos automatically every time you launch an app
• After selecting the option you want, tap on the ‘Done’ button to save the adjustments and to be taken back to the Settings menu

Those steps should easily help you get rid of the annoying auto-play, so if you find the post useful, share it with your friends. They may also be looking for a way to disable the annoyances.



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