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How to Donate Robux​ to Other Users

Roblox is an incredibly popular platform for those who want to act on their imagination. The service allows people all over the world to design and also play their own games or titles created by other Roblox developers.

To upgrade the overall experience, you need Robux, the default currency of the platform, which can be bought with real money, or gained through various methods. However, for those interested in donating their Robux, we’ve got a simple guide.

How to Donate Robux

Donating Robux implies moving the money from an account to another. You can donate them to Builder Club’s members, but to non-builders as well. Here is how to do it.

Donate Robux to BC Members

Follow those steps to donate Robux to a Builder Club member.

• Ask the person you want to donate the money to create a clothing item and upload it to the catalog
• Head to the ‘Catalogue’ label and find the created item
• Click on it and purchase it by tapping on the ‘Buy with R/$’ option
• This way, you’ve transferred Robux to the person you want to donate your money to.

Donate Robux to non-BC Members

Roblox also gives users the option to donate Robux to people who are not associated with Builder Club. However, this process is not that simple as the method involving a BC member. Here is how to do it.

• You have to involve a third-party that is a member of the Builder’s Club
• Ask the BC member to add the person you want to donate the money to the group
• Sell a clothing item, such as a skirt or shirt to the group
• Tell the admin to transfer the money to the account of the person you want to donate to

Although this method asks for additional efforts, it definitely works. Another option is to donate Robux by selling game passes. However, in order to do so, you must first create a game, which is both time-consuming and a rather expensive way to donate Robux, because the platform keeps a significant part of the purchase.

These two methods should help you donate Robux to other users on the platform with ease.



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