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How to Find Villages in Minecraft

Villages in Minecraft are able to spawn in various biomes, like having beds, buildings, crafting tables, as well as other interesting things. Villagers can also spawn in them, doing all kinds of stuff, such as fishing, farming, and so on.

The idea to monitor a village and live near it is great, as it offers numerous entertainment possibilities. There are villages in biomes like plains, tundra, savanna, taiga, as well as snow ones, and these should give you a pointer. The Minecraft console gives players all the coordinates they need. This functions in the Java Edition, Pocket Edition, as well as Windows 10 Edition and Education Edition.

To get to the closest village, open the command window and type in ‘/locatevillage.’ You can use the teleport chat command as well, together with the coordinates, to travel to the location of the village.

How to Find Villages on Foot

As long as they can spawn in the biome you’re playing in, the process is pretty simple: walk around just like you’d be normally exploring the region, or fly using the Creative Mode.

If you choose to search for villages on foot, start with a special in-game seed that will take you closer to a village. Seeds are codes you can type in before generating a Minecraft world you get to control.

There are countless seeds all over the web; find one you’d like to use, and you can spawn a new world where you’re closer to the villages. Ensure that you tick the ‘Large Biomes’ option when creating your world, which allows for extra space, as well as the ‘Generate Structures’ option, which enables you to see the villages and structures.

Once you’ve generated a world, explore the areas in it. Places such as taiga, desert, tundra, plains, and savanna are the regions you’ll get to find villages since they’re flat and have grass. However, finding those areas won’t guarantee that you’ll find a village. They will randomly spawn, so when trying to find villages, it ultimately comes to luck.

How to Find Villages Using Creative Mode

The Creative Mode allows you to find villages without needing to search for them on foot only. It enables players to fly around, getting to their target in a much quicker way. The mode doesn’t pack the same features as Survival Mode, but it makes it easier to find communities from up above.



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