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How to Fix a Google Play Store Errors: Plenty of Ways to Solve the Issue in No Time

It is well-known that when Google Play stops working, you won’t see a code, so you need to perform some troubleshooting to see what’s the issue. There are many ways in which you can solve this issue.

First of all, you need to restart your device. This usually solves many problems, but in case it doesn’t bare with us.

Try to force close the Google Play Store. For this, you need to open Settings, then tap on Apps. Find the Google Play Store and tap Force Stop. Then open it again and see if it works.

Turn the airplane mode on. We are not sure why or how, but many users stated that, by turning the airplane mode on and then off, Google Play started to work correctly again. Go to Settings and find the Airplane Mode icon.

Turn off the Wi-Fi. After some time, turn the Wi-Fi on again. Apparently, this also works out the problems. Go to Settings and find the Wi-Fi icon, then tap it twice.

Try to reset your router. Open other apps and see if you also have trouble with other apps. In case you do, it might be your internet connection that’s doing you wrong.

Try to eject the SD card. If not inserted correctly, it can cause you trouble. So remove the SD card and put it back.

Clear the Google Play Store cache. In order to do so, go to Settings, then to Apps, to Google Play Store, then tap on Storage. Then, tap on Clear Cache.

Delete the Google Play Store data. You need to follow the same steps as before but tap on Clear Data instead. Then you will need to sign in and go through the initial set up process once again.

Check the list with disabled apps. Google Play actually depends on other apps to run, and some of them might be disabled. For this one, go to Settings, to the Apps list, and look for apps with the “Disabled” word written beside them. Tap Enable and then see if that fixes your problem.

Disable the VPN. If you’re using one, you need to turn it off.

Check the date and time settings. If they’re not accurate, then it might conflict the Google’s servers. So make sure you go to Settings, and tap Date & Time to change them. You’d better tap on Automatic date & time, just to be sure you won’t encounter this problem anymore.

Update the Google Play Services. For that, open the app and tap Update. If you see the Deactivate option, it means that the Google Play Services is already updated.

Update the operating system of the Android. For that, go to Settings, to About phone. Tap on the System update and check if there’s an upgrade.



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