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How to Fix ‘Ghost Touch’ Problem on Android Devices

If you are one of the numerous unlucky fellows who experienced the ‘ghost touch’ problem, we have good news for you. First, you should know that you can fix it. And second, keep in mind that you’re not alone, if it helps you with anything.

For those who don’t know, the ‘ghost touch’ problem means when your screen doesn’t respond to your tap, or even worse: when it responds to taps you didn’t even make. Yes, such behavior could occur sometimes, and it’s not because the phone is haunted by some wacky spirits (hopefully).

Disassemble it

You should choose this option if you’re courageous enough. By taking the phone apart, disconnecting the data connectors from the screen, and reseating all of it can be enough to fix the issue.

Clean it

For the luckiest scenario, the ‘ghost touch’ problem could be caused by a little bit of dirt stuck under the screen protector. In this case, the solution is simple: remove it, clean it up, and then put it back in its place. Be careful and gentle because the phone’s interior is sensible to shocks, and to any kind of rough tools. Patience is the winning ticket for this operation.

Return the device

If your phone is still under warranty, you can return it to the manufacturer so that other people will fix the problem for you.  Of course, nobody likes to stay without his phone and returning it should be the last option. If it’s not under warranty anymore, you’ll have to pay some money for the repair.

Touchscreens are designed to work well and for a long time, so don’t start to hate them just now and say that the good old physical buttons were better. The issues with the touchscreens are fixable in most cases. If your fix still doesn’t come, changing your phone with another can always be an option.



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