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How To Fix Minecraft Crashes In Windows 10

One of the most famous games in the world, even at this moment in time, is Minecraft. Millions of people are playing the game, and we can also find a sub-culture that the game has created. But when we are talking about a game played by millions of people, we are also talking about a huge base that could have some issues from time to time.

Both Windows 10 users and the regular editions are confronting with the same problem when it comes to Minecraft – crash issues. What do you do in this case? Minecraft is a popular game, but it also has the most players that are complaining about the crashing problems.

Many of them can’t even start the game because it’s crashing instantly. Of course, the factors are not the same for each player, so that we can be talking about bugs, hardware problems, or even driver incompatibility. We have some solutions for you guys, so let’s see what you can do if the game is crashing instantly.

How To Fix Minecraft Crashes In Windows 10

Check for Latest Windows 10 Updates

The first thing that you can do is to update your Windows. The OS Windows is great for games, but if you are missing some updates, some things can’t work. So check in Settings for Windows Update and fix the problem.

Update Minecraft

The second and secure solution that you can do in the case of an instant crash is to update your Minecraft. Check for new updates on your Microsoft Store and update the game.

Update Graphics Card Drivers

Some graphics card drivers must be checked out for updates. If the card graphics are outdated, then Minecraft will crash, so go to Device Manager and see if your graphics card needs an update. Also, Java is an essential tool for your games and apps, so check out if you have it installed on your device. If you have it installed, check for updates as well.

To summarize, Minecraft can have some weird mods that can give you some problems, so you better delete them if they are not working correctly.



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