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How to Fix the Gmail Notification Issue on Samsung One UI 2

Samsung‘s Android 10 update, known as One UI 2, is a great upgrade, in general. However, as it always happens, there are unexpected oddities and problems linked with upgrading a mobile device that has numerous applications and important data on it.

One such issue that appears to be linked to Gmail notification is the problem with the upgrade that people are encountering. The issue is incredibly similar to a problem that Note 10 owners have experienced with early variants of the phone’s software. If you are having issues with the Gmail notifications after updating to the latest version of the operating system, there are fixes.

How to Fix Gmail Notification Issue on One UI 2

To fix the Gmail notifications issue, follow the steps below.

• Launch the ‘Settings’ menu on your device
• Head over to ‘Device care’ and tap on ‘Battery’
• Select ‘App power management’
• Tap on ‘Sleeping apps’ and see if Gmail is also in the list
• Long-press on ‘Gmail’ and select the ‘Remove’ option at the bottom of the display
• If Gmail is not on the list, you can ensure it is never slept by heading to ‘Apps that won’t be put to sleep,’ selecting ‘Add apps’ and choosing ‘Gmail’

If your notifications are still now showing up in a timely matter, you can double-check the sync and notification settings in the app as well. Here is how to do so.

• Head to the Gmail app settings menu and tap on your account
• Under ‘Notifications,’ ensure that the option is set to ‘All’ and under ‘Inbox notifications,’ make sure that ‘Notify every message’ is toggled
• Still in the app’s settings, go to ‘Manage labels’ and ensure than all the important labels are syncing. Tap on them, then on ‘Sync messages’ and set a preferred time

After verifying all the settings and whitelisting Gmail, your notifications should function as usual, showing up in time.



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