How To Fix The Most Common WhatsApp Errors (1)

Our favorite instant messaging app provides us one of the best features so far. From instant messages, photos, and videos share, voice or video calls, to a fun experience, WhatsApp has it all. But, if you got troubled by some features or the app stopped working correctly, there are some methods you can try! Remember that you always need to have a great Internet connection, and the newest version of WhatsApp installed.

Fix The More Common WhatsApp Errors

Can’t Install WhatsApp

To download the newest version of WhatsApp, you also need to make sure your smartphone is running the latest software version. If you want to install the app from its official page, enable the Unknown Sources option first (Android only). Access Settings, then Apps. Turn on to install from unknown sources. Installing WhatsApp from Google Play Store or App Store should not be a problem at all!

WhatsApp is Not Working or Can’t Connect to WhatsApp

Your Internet connection or mobile data sometimes causes WhatsApp connections issues. First, install the newest version of WhatsApp. Check your Internet connection, 4G/5G, or Wi-Fi. Remove the app cache, go to Settings, WhatsApp, and choose Clear Cache. Finally, you can uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it. The app servers can be the ones to blame sometimes, so don’t worry.

No Activation Code Received

If the installation worked fine, but you didn’t receive the activation code, there might be a few reasons. Make sure that you entered your correct phone number and the country (your phone number is from). Also, request a voice call instead. A computer will read a code for you. Most significantly, you can only use one device/phone number!

WhatsApp is Blocked in My Country

There are a few countries that WhatsApp doesn’t support. But that doesn’t mean you can have the app. Try using a VPN! VPNs are perfect for remote locations. They are services that offer a secure Internet connection, too.

Lost or Stolen Device

First, you must lock your Sim card by contacting your carrier. WhatsApp won’t be activated anymore until you’ll have a new SIM (with the same number presumably). Then, you can reactivate the app on your new device.

Also, send an email to [email protected] with the subject: “Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account.” Add your phone number in the email body, too. WhatsApp can still be accessed over Wi-Fi.

Other Possible WhatsApp Issues

Remember that you can always ask for full support from WhatsApp! On the official webpage, you can find all the features, security details, WhatsApp Web to try, and a FAQ.

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