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How to Fix the Voice Chat Not Working in Fortnite

One of the most bothersome frequent bugs in Fortnite is the voice chat issue, where it just stops working at times. The exact reason for the bug is unknown, and the developer, Epic Games, has been unable to fix it entirely. However, numerous players have figured out a few methods to solve the issue, so here are some of them to use in case you encounter this problem.  

How to Fix the Voice Chat Issue on Xbox One and PS4  

For players that use Xbox One or PS4 and are facing this issue, YouTuber Kolonise has figured a quick and easy way to solve it. First, verify the audio settings and make sure that Voice Chat is enabled, Voice Chat Method is open mic, Voice Channel is Party, and Voice Chat Notification is on.  

Now, you have to create a party, set the voice chat off, and save the changes. Leave the party, head back to the settings menu, and enable the voice chat function again. The issue should now be fixed with no apparent logical reason, but it just does.  

How to Fix the Voice Chat on PC 

On PC, fixing the issue can be a bit challenging, but not impossible. First, restart the game to see if it fixes the bug. If not, head to the ‘Sound Settingssection through Windows and make sure the headset and microphone are properly set up under the ‘Input’ and ‘Output’ options.  

The simplest way to get to the ‘Sound Settings’ category is to right-click on the speaker icon on the bottom right of the screen. Now, make sure the audio settings are properly set up in the game because these can sometimes get changed by updates. Finally, ensure your version of the game is up to date and install any new or required updates. 



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