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How To Fix WhatsApp Notifications Not Showing Up

WhatsApp is an application that facilitates communication between people, proving to be extremely helpful during the COVID-19 lockdown measures. You can either communicate using text or calls, and it proves highly efficient when it comes to sharing information fast.

Whether it is a picture, a file, or a voice message, you can share it immediately regardless of the device that you are using, being available for many platforms. Being amongst the most used apps at the moment, you may experience a series of bugs from time to time. Should your notifications not show up, here is how to solve this issue.

How To Fix WhatsApp Notifications Not Showing Up

Firstly, it is important to check if your notifications are disabled. You can always turn them on by going to the Settings icon and click on the “Notifications” bar where you can toggle them from off to on. While using mobile data, the app may be restricted from popping up notifications to prevent the consumption of your services. You can check whether the usage of mobile data is limited by WhatsApp or not from the settings menu.

If none of these is helping you, check if the “Do not disturb” mode is enabled on your device. This mode is entitled to stop any notification from appearing on your device, regardless of the application for a certain amount of time. You can personalize your settings and enable you to receive notifications only from WhatsApp by going to the Settings function and change it.

Check for any updates available in Google Store or Apple Store and update your application to the latest version available. You can always uninstall and install WhatsApp again or even log off and log on from the “Logout” section available un the “More options” tab. Additionally, turn on and off your phone and let it rest for a couple of minutes.



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