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How to Get Specific Results Using This Google Chrome Trick

More than 60 percent of Internet users all over the globe use Google Chrome as their default web browser at least part of the time because of its fast and reliable performance and lots of built-in and add-on features.

One of the built-in functions in Google‘s browser is called the omnibox, and can help you search for particular websites more effectively and efficiently. But what is omnibox? Basically, it is the search bar on any Chrome browser window. You can use it as a search engine and employ advanced features to get more information that you need.

Website-Specific Searches

It is rather easy to carry out a basic Internet search in the omnibox: simply type in your question and press the ‘Enter’ button on your keyword. However, what you may not have known is that you can search for a word or phrase on a particular website as well.

Type the name of a site in the address bar and press the ‘Tab’ key. The address bar will change into a search box for the website, and whatever you type after the name of the site will be searched. You will then be taken to the website to see the search results.

Google Chrome omnibox

Note that this method only functions on websites that have registered with Google to operate with the omnibox, but there’s also the option to add a website you want to search. Simply open a new Chrome browser tab, right-click inside the omnibox and choose the ‘Edit Search Engine’ option to see a list of sites you can search.

Quick Lookups

Another great way to use the omnibox in Chrome is to employ it as a reference tool. For example, highlight a word from a webpage you are reading and drag it to the omnibox, press ‘Enter’, and the definition of the word will appear first.

You can use the omnibox​ for math and conversions as well. For instance, by typing ‘convert 4 tb to tsp’ will result in ’12 US teaspoons’ answer under the omnibox​. You can also enter a math equation in the search box, and the answer will show up.

There are lots of things you can accomplish with the Google Chrome omnibox​, such as setting a timer by typing ‘timer’ and a time into the omnibox​, or get the weather for any location by typing ‘weather’ and a ZIP code or city. The omnibox​ can also translate a word or phrase; simply type in ‘translate’ followed by the word or the phase. Finally, you can get directions by typing in ‘map’ and location 1 to location 2.



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