How to Get Your Hands on Chipsets in Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy was released yesterday, on March 10th, treating the fans with the first sequel of 2020. The title comes with numerous changes, including Trials, and the return of the popular Crucible event.

Chipsets are also some extremely important resources in Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy. The first-person shooter’s sequel players need these Chipsets in order to level up to their Seraph Bunkers, which are brand new features added to the game specifically for this season.

They are elements of Rasputin’s network, and you will have to make them more powerful in order to help protect the Last City from the falling Almighty starship. To increase the rank of your Seraph Bunkers, and access the higher leveled upgrades, you need to have Chipsets.

Chipsets can only be purchased by acquiring upgrades for your Bunker. Each level up you get will reward you with one Chipset, which you can utilize to enhance your association with the Bunker.

Complete the Bunker to Get Chipsets

In order to get the Bunker upgrades, you need Warmind Bits, as well as Legendary Shards and Planetary Materials. Also, you will have to own Chipsets in order to enhance your reputation with the Bunker, as well as upgrade its rank.

Warmind Bits can be gotten from three different main sources. You can purchase them from Bounties you get from the Bunker, take them from Legendary Lost Sectors, or from Seraph Tower Public Events.

When a Bunker is completely upgraded, you get a stack of seven Chipsets. However, you cannot receive them until you get to Rank 3 using the standard method, and these chipsets are also specific to the Bunker you purchase them from.

At the moment, we do not know if you can use these Chipsets from a Bunker at any other Bunkers that will be introduced into the game.

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