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How To Install Google Camera 8.0 on Older Pixel Phones

Not only that the Pixel 5 flagship will be a significant upgrade for the Pixel 4 model, bringing the 5G connectivity and much more, but the cameras are also worthy of attention. The Google Camera app will also get a significant update for the Pixel 5 smartphone, and knowing how to install it on older Pixel phones can also be useful.

The Google Camera 8.0 is the star of the show, and it takes some effort and knowledge to install it on other phones from the Pixel series except the latest one. However, nothing is too difficult once you pay enough attention:

Through APKMirror Installer

Once you get the APKMirror Installer app on your phone, you have to download the specially combined “.apkm” file that belongs to Google Camera 8.0 from APKMirror. As you try to open that file, it will launch directly into APKMirror Installer. You’ll just need to confirm the installation several times.

Using SAI (Split APKs Installer)

Split APKs Installler is also an app, and it can install and create its own special ‘.apks’ file. The next step is to get your hands on the .apks file for Google Camera 8.0. After downloading, open the SAI app, hit the ‘Install APKs’ option and locate the “Camera_8.0.018.335051840.apks” file you downloaded. A message will appear to you from Android and inviting you to install the update.

ADB for advanced users

If you’re willing to deal with things on your own without the help of third-party apps, try this method by manually installing the split APKs for the app. You’ll need to have a phone, ADB installed on your computer, and connecting the two gadgets with a USB cable.

The first step is to download the “Camera_8.0.018.335051840.apks” file to your PC. Then you’ll have to change the file’s extension to ‘.zip’ from ‘.apks’. The third step is to unzip the files, and you’ll see the following components:

  • apk
  • png
  • sai_v1.json
  • sai_v2.json
  • arm64_v8a.apk
  • de.apk
  • en.apk
  • es.apk
  • fr.apk
  • ja.apk
  • ru.apk
  • xxhdpi.apk

The final step is to connect your phone to your computer by using a USB cable and have the USB Debugging tool enabled on your Pixel phone for running a command. From the terminal/command prompt, you’ll have to run the following command:

adb install-multiple base.apk split_config.en.apk split_config.xxhdpi.apk split_config.arm64_v8a.apk

All of the above methods should work, and you are free to tell us what you like most about Google Camera 8.0.



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