How to Put an Old Android Phone to Great Use

If you have decided to buy a new smartphone but don’t know yet what to do with the old Android mobile device, there are some rather ingenious ways to repurpose it. Of course, you could sell or trade it for a new one, but those are not the only methods available.  

In case your phone is too old to offer a high trade-in value, or you want to save some money on a webcam or Google Home, you can use the smartphone in a way that substitutes other electronic devices. Here are some interesting methods to apply in this case.  

Turn Your Old Android into a Universal Remote  

A remote that can do everything is incredibly useful. Being in control of all your devices from one remote is a relief, which can be achieved by downloading a remote-control app, such as iRule, and sync your smartphone to devices including Apple TV, Xbox One, and Roku. If you have smart light bulbs in the house, you can also sync your phone to those.   

Store Your Photos on the Old Phone  

Photographs take a lot of storage space on any phone, so it is a great idea to store them on an old mobile device. You can use your new smartphone to take the photos and then send them to the older one in order to free up some space. You can also use the old device as a camera and take it with you in places you’d rather refrain from taking a brand new phone, such as the beach, at the pool, and so on.  

Turn Your Android Phone into a Google Home  

Repurposing your old Android smartphone to be a Google Home smart speaker is a simple process that requires no app downloads. Ensure the device is updated to the latest operating system, so you have access to ‘OK, Google.’  

You simply have to find a Bluetooth speaker to pair the smartphone with and make sure the two devices are always plugged in. You’ll be able to give Google commands at all times now and won’t have to spend money on a Google Home speaker.   

Use Your Android as a Wireless Mouse  

In case your wireless mouse ever happens to die, this method offers you a backup. You’ll only need to download an app, such as Remote Mouse, in order to use the phone as a substitute. Once you have installed the app, connect the device and desktop to the same Wi-Fi network, and use the new mouse it like that.  

Convert Your Old Phone into a Nintendo Game Boy  

You can enjoy video games everywhere on the go when you convert your Android phone into a Nintendo Game Boy. All you have to do is install a Hyperkin Smartboy Mobile Device. In order to play the games, you’ll have to acquire Game Boy cartridges if you don’t own them, but you can also play Game Boy Advance apps.  

Use Your Old Phone as a Baby Monitor  

Rather than spending lots of money on a baby monitor, you can check if your baby is OK by turning your old Android smartphone into a monitor, which is basically able to do the same job as a specific device for this issue.  

You can check the room your baby is from your new phone by installing Skype on both devices or use an app like Dormi. Customer ratings are great, the reports speak well of this method, and you’ll feel at ease knowing that you can be anywhere in the house and still see your baby.  

Now that you’ve got some cool new ideas for how to repurpose your old Android phone, here’s how to install Google Play Store on any Android device, specifically on Huawei Mate 30 Pro if you’re an owner, and how to change Alexa’s name. 

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