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How to Quickly Find Any Image on an iPhone

We usually tend to have a lot of pictures on our devices, so when we try to find one specific image, it might get difficult, more so if the photograph was taken a while back. Apple allows you to categorize pictures by months or years sections in the Photos app, but still, finding one, in particular, takes a lot of time.  

If you want to know how to quickly search an image on the iPhone, here’s a simple and short guide that will help you save your time when trying to find a picture.  

How to Quickly Search a Picture on iPhone  

When you launch the Photos app, you see all the images you keep on it. On the lower screen menu, tap on ‘Years’ if you need to find an image from last year, for instance.  

If you want to search for a specific picture, use the ‘For You’ option; it will show you photos in more specific categories, for example, the images you took in a particular place. When you capture an image, the name of the location will be added automatically if the ‘Location Services’ function for the Photos app is turned on.  

To quickly find a picture you took, let’s say, at the beach when the ‘Location Services’ on the phone is off, follow the steps below:  

  • On the Photos app screen, tap on the ‘Search’ option, which can be found on the bottom right corner of the display  
  • Type a specific keyword related to the photograph you are looking for. For instance, if you want to find a picture of your kids at the beach, type in ‘beach’ and ‘kids’ in the search box  
  • All the pictures containing kids on the beach will appear  

How to Use Siri to Find a Photo on iPhone  

You can also use Siri to make the search quicker and more efficient. Here’s how to do so:  

  • Press and hold the Side key for iPhone X or later, or hold the Home button for the iPhone 8 or older to enable Siri  
  • Formulate your request, which should sound similar to ‘Siri, show me photos of the cats’ (or whatever you are searching for)  
  • If you have activated the ‘Hey Siri’ function, you don’t even need to touch your iPhone; simply state your command aloud, and the result will appear on the device’s screen  

These instructions are simple and very easy to apply. They should also work in any case. 



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