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How to Restore Deleted Conversations on WhatsApp

WhatsApp​ is perhaps the most used messaging app in the world, having more than 1.5 billion active users per day on a global level. The app receives regular updates, as developers are trying to keep it fresh and exciting in an ever-changing market.

The app has continued to get new features and updates at an impressive rate, while also managing to keep it simple and easy to use. WhatsApp​ provides some useful functionalities that help users manage their data on the application. Some include the possibility to delete all messages or export particular conversations as email.

However, sometimes, we accidentally delete a message or conversation we didn’t mean to get rid of, and we want it back. In order for you to recover deleted messages on both Android and iOS devices, we sorted out these guidelines.

Recover Deleted Messages on Android

• Uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it
• Ask for a verification of your phone number on the app
• A window with ‘Restore’ key on it will appear – tap on it
• Select ‘Next’ and your chats will be restored from Google Drive

After the initialization phase completes, the conversations will be displayed. Then, WhatsApp will start restoring the media files.

NOTE: If WhatsApp is reinstalled without any previous backup on Google Drive, the app will automatically restore only the conversations existing in the local backup files.

Restore Deleted Messages on iOS

To get back files you’ve backed up on an Apple device, you must make sure you have access to the iCloud, and the iCloud Drive should be enabled. Also, the backup will require free storage space of 2.05 GB on the device and iCloud.

• Make sure that your chats are backed up in iCloud. To verify, head to the settings menu in WhatsApp, then to ‘Chats,’ and tap on the ‘Chat Backup’
• If the date of the last backup is there to be seen, delete and reinstall the app
• Verify your phone number
• Follow the instructions to restore chats history

These tips should help you get back messages you accidentally deleted. If you find the post useful, share it on your social media networks; maybe some of your connections might need it.



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