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How to Solve the Issue of Google Play Services not Compatible with AR

Not everybody knows that Google Play Services is a major component of any Android phone. The Play Store couldn’t work without the Services, and keeping them all at maximum performance possible is a ‘must’.

Google Play Services for AR was formerly known as ARCore, and it’s the engine that gives life for most Android games and apps that use Augmented Reality (AR) effects. But what could you do when Google Play Services doesn’t work with AR? Plenty of users had been experiencing this nasty situation, and it’s time to learn how to fix it. Just follow each step at a time:

Restart the phone

A simple restart of the device can be the solution for many problems, including the one we’re talking about in this article. An app can crash or freeze due to the excessive heating of the device, or because of multiple apps working.

Clear Cache

Cache files are unnecessary, and you can get rid of them for an extra chance of getting your Google Play Services working. To do this, first open the settings menu of your phone, select ‘Apps & Notifications’, then go to ‘Storage’, and ultimately hit the ‘Clear Cache’ option without hesitation.

Reinstall the app

The procedure is simple: first, uninstall Google Play Services from your Android smartphone and then access the Play Store for reinstalling the app. After the whole process is done, check if the app is compatible. Reinstalling Google Play Services for AR will also help you to get your hands on the latest version.

Update to the latest version of Android

An outdated phone could be the root cause of all issues. Furthermore, getting the newest update available can assure faster processing abilities, bug fixes, and even new functions. For updating your Android version, do the following:

  • Connect your device to a stable Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Access ‘About device’.
  • Select ‘System updates’.
  • Hit the ‘Check for updates’ option.
  • Select to update if there is one available, and reboot your device.

Either one of the methods listed above will solve the nasty issues for you once and for all.



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