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How to Tame a Wild Fox in Minecraft

​Most players in Minecraft would rather use domestic animals than take the chance to tame a wild one. Wild animals are usually coming with benefits some domestic creatures cannot have. Such an animal is the wild fox. Foxes are incredibly useful as they can reproduce commonly in the taiga.

The Foxes in Minecraft

Their fluffy tails make them easy to spot and have a high energy level when active. In the game, foxes usually have two different colors: red, and found in taiga biomes, and white, found in snowy taiga biomes. The latter are also known as Arctic foxes, and are more challenging to spot as their only habitat is the snowy taiga biomes; if found, they are the rarest collection characters.

Foxes’ Behavior

Before taking in the action of finding and taming a fox, you must know how they behave. They love to eat meat; therefore, they are carnivorous. Foxes are usually active during the night and are found in villages, typically in groups of three to four. They always carry things in their mouths and can run incredibly fast and jump high.

How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

To tame a fox, you need a lead, or a leash, which you can create with a four-string and a slimeball, and two sweet berries, which can be collected from the sweet berry bushes in taiga biomes.

Now, for the taming part, you need to give a sweet berry to one of the foxes in the group. Offer another one to a second fox, and wait for them to breed. Next, attach the lead to the baby fox, which will be then faithful to you only, and walk away.

The baby animal will want to follow the other foxes, but if you walk away from the other groups, it will only have eyes for you.



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