How to Uninstall Any App From MacOS Devices

If you’re switching from Windows to macOS, you might be a bit confused about how to uninstall apps you do not need anymore. There’s the Mac App Store, for which you have to use a Launchpad, but then, for the apps downloaded from the Internet, you have to use another method.  

When better alternatives to app appear, it’s best to uninstall the ones you no longer plan on using so you can make place for new ones. Also, at times, some apps of the same kind can interfere with each other, which is why you should always remove what you no longer use.  

Again, the process is a bit different for apps you downloaded from the Internet and those you got from the App Store. Here are some simple instructions that will guide you to do so.  

How to Uninstall Apps From the App Store  

As we mentioned before, you need to use Launchpad to uninstall any app from the Mac App Store.  

  • Click on the Launchpad icon on the dock (it resembles a spaceship)  
  • Click and hold any app until the icons start shaking  
  • Find the one you want to uninstall and tap on the ‘Delete’ button, which looks like an ‘X’  

If the app you want to remove doesn’t have a ‘Delete’ icon, it means it cannot be uninstalled with Launchpad. If that’s the case, follow the guidelines below.  

How to Uninstall Apps From the Internet  

If you installed applications from the Internet, or they do not have a ‘Delete’ button, you have to use Finder to delete them.  

  • Click on the Finder icon in the dock (the blue square with a smiley face)  
  • Click on the ‘Applications’ option on the left side of the window  
  • Select the app you want to remove  
  • Drag the application to the trash can on the dock  

If the app is in a folder, open the folder to see if there’s an ‘Uninstaller’ tool. You can also remove an app by right-clicking on the icon and selecting ‘Move to Trash.’  

The steps are simple; it should be easy to follow them to uninstall any app you no longer want to use in macOS-powered devices. 

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