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How to Use Google Play Store for Uninstalling Multiple Apps on Android

When you say Google Play Store, you are talking about one of the vital keys of your Android phone. Through the Google Play Store, you will find and use most of the apps that are serving your phone in a lot of ways. As you know by now, every app and game you want comes from the Play Store.

The first start is when you have a new phone, and you want to customize it with a lot of apps, especially the basic ones. Fortunately, as every app is receiving updates, so is the Google Play Store. The company wants to evolve alongside the user’s needs and wishes.

As we mentioned above, the Google Play Store is the primary source of the apps and games that you can download on your Android phone. The user experience with the Play Store is getting improved often by the company, and a lot of changes appeared over time. So, talking about uninstalling an app, you know the first two ways – from the apps page or your phone by clicking uninstall.

How to Use Google Play Store for Uninstalling Multiple Apps on Android

However, now you have a new tool in the Google Play store that is letting you uninstall multiple apps in a row. Let’s see how you can uninstall multiple apps from the Google Play Store. The first thing you should do is to open the Google Play Store and swipe right for the Menu. From there, tap on My Apps and Games, and there you will see all the apps and games installed on your phone. This category is divided into four sections – Updates, Installed, Library, and Beta.

The following step that you should take is to tap on the Installed category and then Storage. A list with all of your apps will open, which will let you select the apps or games that you wish to uninstall. Remember, you can select multiple apps, so after you check this step, tap on Free Up.

Finally, you will need to confirm the action that will take place, and you have a clean phone after that thanks to Google Play Store feature.



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