How To View The WhatsApp Status Updates Anonymously

WhatsApp became one of the most popular instant messaging apps since launching in 2009. The app is a free service, specializing in cross-platform messaging. WhatsApp is praised for its advanced privacy features.

From its end-to-end encryption, instant messaging, video and phone calls, photos, and video sharing, to daily status updates. Viewing someone’s status allows you to see what other users are experiencing or their preferences. Some search a way to view the status updates in such a way that they don’t get notified. Luckily, there are some ways to check someone’s status anonymously.

How To View WhatsApp Status Updates Anonymously

Install Xposed Framework

First, go to WhatsApp Privacy Settings and disable the Read Receipts option. Download Xposed Framework from the Internet and install it. After installation, add its WhatsApp extension. Then, reboot your device. Enable the extension and activate the Read Receipts option again. You will be able to see your contacts’ status updates. Unfortunately, you won’t get notifications if someone views your status.

ES File Explorer

This method relies on you utilizing a file manager to view your contacts’ status update anonymously. ES File Explorer is a good option that allows you to open hidden files. You can find the ES File Explorer on the Internet to download. After you install it, go to the WhatsApp folder stored in the file manager. Find the “.status” folder and view the WhatsApp status of your contacts. You can do that without them knowing or getting any notifications. The ES File Explorer doesn’t work in real-time.

WhatsApp has reached more than 2 billion users in over 180 countries. 500 million daily active users use it. The instant messaging app dominates in the UK, Russia, Germany, and India. WhatsApp is also taking a more comprehensive approach to reach as many people as possible worldwide.

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