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Huawei Sound X ​is a Great and Cheaper Alternative to Apple’s HomePod

​The Huawei Sound X is a similar speaker to the popular HomePod or Echo Studio, but, for now, it doesn’t have a virtual assistant like many of these devices have. The Chinese tech giant has already released its intelligent loudspeaker as a more affordable alternative to the Apple HomePod in March of 2019, but it lacks a dedicated speech assistant to give it the additional intelligence.

After it was announced, however, the Huawei Sound X ​was only made available in China. Even though Huawei now has its own virtual assistant called Celia, the speaker will only feature Bluetooth compatibility for now.

The company noted at the presentation of the new P40 that its speaker would be upgraded with a virtual assistant sometime in the future, but for now, it would only pack audio playback. One of the benefits is that, in spite of the Huawei brand, the loudspeaker has been created in partnership with Devialet, one of the French audio brands that are among the best on the globe when it comes to the quality of their products.

Huawei Sound X ​Speaker – An Affordable Alternative to HomePod

Regarding performance, the Huawei Sound X ​comes with a double 60W sub and supports some nuances of surround sound, resembling the technology of the HomePod or Echo Studio. Similar to the Apple speaker, the Huawei Sound X ​activates multi-speaker configurations to enable stereo sound when two speakers are used, or to offer surround sound like in a home theater system when they are located at a distance.

It features a touch panel on the top to control the options, and six built-in microphones form commands, although it doesn’t have a virtual assistant yet, as we mentioned. The Huawei Sound X’s price at the reveal in China was 1,999 yuan, which is about $280 at the current exchange rate, a price tag close to that of the HomePod created by Apple.

Still, the final cost of the speaker when it will be available on the Western markets is not known as of yet. The window period of the integration of a virtual assistant is also unknown.



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