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iC Browser – A Great Indian-Made Alternative to UC Browser

UC Browser is one of the most used mobile browsers on the market, but its popularity took a toll when India banned a bunch of Chinese-developed apps, including this browser. If you’re still searching for an alternative to the platform, iC Browser is an Indian-made mobile search app that can act as a substitute for the Chinese-made browser.

Also called the ‘Indian Browser App,’ iC Browser has recently been developed and rolled out to the market for those affected by the ban and not only.

iC Browser – A Decent Substitute for UC Browser

iC Browser​ is a fast-working app that allows users to browse the Internet in a secure manner. It comes as a Lite version that’s smaller in size than regular browsers, but which does a great job.

The app is available on the Google Play Store, and it comes with numerous features. According to the description provided, iC Browser​ is a light browser that makes it easy to access mini news, offers video updates, breaking stories, and makes status sharing possible.

In addition, it enables users to browse in turbo mode by using multi tabs, and it also provides a strong ad blocker that most mobile browsers do not feature. The downloading speed goes around 4.5 MB, and to load web pages faster, the browser won’t show images when set so.

iC Browser​ provides you with high class, safety, and security, along with the Incognito Mode, which allows you to browse privately and doesn’t save your history or records. The platform also makes websites easy to access by providing a native Bookmarks section, as well as a reader mode, or night mode, that helps you browse easily without having issues because of the light theme.

‘Find in Page’ is another great feature that enables you to find any keyword on web pages, and the desktop mode allows you to browse websites on the entire screen. You can also create a shortcut on the Home screen for instant access and use both light and dark themes.

Overall, iC Browser​ is a pretty good alternative to UC Browser that you may want to try. 



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