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Important Tips to Help You Navigate Family Law

The shutdowns and mandates since the beginning of the pandemic of 2020 are increasing tension among family members. This tension mixed with the pressure of family finances and the coronavirus can push even the most docile people to expressions of anger. But for those households who experience domestic violence regularly, this pandemic poses a particularly alarming problem.

So, in addition to the obvious health and financial problems due to the onset of this pandemic, there is a quiet war happening in many households as reports of domestic violence continue to rise.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence includes any violent or aggressive behavior inside the home, whether it’s toward a spouse, child, or another home resident. The pandemic’s added pressure increased reported incidents of these violent encounters, and the longer the pandemic continues, the more the world could see an increase.

Domestic violence victims might be more reluctant to leave the home and seek shelter because of COVID-19 fears, leaving them vulnerable to more attacks. For those who can leave and are looking for options, they should seek the help of an attorney who can advise them on domestic matters.

If you have children, they are probably home from school and directly in the line of fire, so you need to protect yourself and them from harm. Even if they aren’t experiencing direct abuse themselves, they see it first hand, which is abuse as well.

Family Law Options

Anchor Law Firm recommends that anyone with domestic issues contact a lawyer specializing in these cases immediately.  These lawyers can help those with domestic issues explore legal remedies to their situation. That may include finding another place to live, bringing legal action against their abuser, or filing for separation or divorce. Whichever avenue you want to take, you want to be safe, and talking to an experienced attorney can be the first step in finding the best solution to your problem.

Some of the legal options that your attorney can help you pursue are:

  • Protection orders
  • Non-molestation orders
  • Occupation orders
  • Criminal charges
  • Separation and divorce proceedings

Your individual situation will determine the best course of action for you. But no matter which road you choose, you don’t have to do it alone, and you don’t have to stay in your home, even with the pandemic outside.

The Courts and the Pandemic

There may be a backlog of cases due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have legal options. All that means is that it may take longer for the court to hear your case. In some instances, a virtual court is an option, especially in emergency circumstances. Advice from your attorney is vital to ensure your next moves are made because they will know what papers to file and the legal steps you need to take.

Steps to Safety

If you are in an abusive relationship, it’s important to remove yourself from the situation. Remember that it isn’t your fault, and you aren’t the cause of the abuse, no matter what your abuser says. Let family members know what’s going on and contact the police to see if they can get you to safety. The pandemic is not a reason to remain in an abusive home, so seek help as soon as possible.

Once you’re safe, talk to an attorney about your legal options to permanently remove yourself from the abuse. They can put you in contact with other trained individuals who help people just like you.

You Are Not Alone

The pandemic of 2020 has most people feeling alone, and that feeling is even more prominent in homes that include domestic abuse. You have to remember that you aren’t alone, and there are people out there willing to help you. Legal options are available, even during a global crisis, and you shouldn’t have to suffer one more day. Seek help if you need it and keep you and your loved ones safe from harm today and every day.




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