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Inside One of the Most Popular CW Series: Supernatural

We have all heard of Supernatural, we might even dare to say it’s one of the classics. It focuses on the journey of the Winchester brothers, who fight to free the world from demons. They want to avenge their mother’s death and, ultimately, to save the world. The series is a rollercoaster full of emotions – it has everything from God, to demons, to fallen angels.

We’re talking about one of the longest-running American live-action fantasy that has been produced by Warner Bros. It has managed to gain a lot of fans all around the world.

You need to see the series before it finishes later this year. That’s right, supernatural has come to an end.

Supernatural was written by Jeremy Carver and Sera Gamble and it was directed by Jensen Ackles, Eric Kripke, Robert Singer, and Philip Sgriccia. Its IMDB rating is 8.4/10. You can watch it on Netflix and Amazon Prime. In total, there are 327 episodes available.

What about the cast?

  • Sam Winchester – Jared Padalecki
  • Dean Winchester – Jensen Ackles
  • John Winchester – Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  • Castiel – Misha Collins
  • Ruby – Katie Cassidy
  • Crowley – Mark Sheppard
  • Ellen Harvelle – Samantha Ferris
  • Meg Masters – Nicki Lynn Aycox
  • Bela – Lauren Cohan
  • Jo Harvelle – Alona Tal
  • Ash – Chad Lindberg
  • Bobby Singer – Jim Beaver
  • Rowena – Ruth Connell

15 seasons – 327 episodes: everything there is to know

Season 1 – 22 episodes

  • Summary

Dean and Sam are trying to find their father. They embark on a mystical journey. They soon learn that their mother was killed by Azazel, and they need to find a gun whih was created by Samuel Colt in order to kill him. In their way of finding their gun, they are fighting evil spirits such as Bloody Mary and other folklore creatures.

  • Episodes

S1E1 – Pilot

S1E2 – Wendigo

S1E3 – Dead in the Water

S1E4 – Phantom Traveler

S1E5 – Bloody Mary

S1E6 – Skin

S1E7 – Hook Man

S1E8 – Bugs

S1E9 – Home

S1E10 – Asylum

S1E11 – Scarecrow

S1E12 – Faith

S1E13 – Route 666

S1E14 – Nightmare

S1E15 – The Benders

S1E16 – Shadow

S1E17 – Hell House

S1E18 – Something Wicked

S1E19 – Provenance

S1E20 – Dead Man’s Blood

S1E21 – Salvation

S1E22 – Devil’s Trap

Season 2 – 22 episodes

  • Summary

We learn why Azazel wanted to bring Sam and all of the others like him in one place. Sam gets killed and Dean agrees to bring Sam back to life by offering his soul to the devil. Dean managed to kill Azazel in an ultimate fight.

  • Episodes

S2E1 – In My Time of Dying

S2E2 – Everybody Loves a Clown

S2E3 – Bloodlust

S2E4 – Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

S2E5 – Simon Said

S2E6 – No Exit

S2E7 – The Usual Suspects

S2E8 – Crossroad Blues

S2E9 – Croatoan

S2E10 – Hunted

S2E11 – Playthings

S2E12 – Nightshifter

S2E13 – Houses of the Holy

S2E14 – Born Under a Bad Sign

S2E15 – Tall Tales

S2E16 – Roadkill

S2E17 – Heart

S2E18 – Hollywood Babylon

S2E19 – Folsom Prison Blues

S2E20 – What Is and What Should Never Be

S2E21 – All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1

S2E22 – All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2

Season 3 – 16 episodes

  • Summary

Sam and Dean try to find the devils that broke free when the gate to hell opened. They find one – Ruby – who promises to help Dean. They soon learn that Lilith is the demon that has the contract of Dean’s soul. Before they could kill Lilith, the contract expires.

  • Episodes

S3E1 – The Magnificent Seven

S3E2 – The Kids are Alright

S3E3 – Bad Day at Black Rock

S3E4 – Sin City

S3E5 – Bedtime Stories

S3E6 – Red Sky At Morning

S3E7 – Fresh Blood

S3E8 – A Very Supernatural Christmas

S3E9 – Malleus Maleficarum

S3E10 – Dream A Little Dream of Me

S3E11 – Mystery Spot

S3E12 – Jus in Bello

S3E13 – Ghostfacers!

S3E14 – Long-Distance Call

S3E15 – Time is On My Side

S3E16 – No Rest for the Wicked

Season 4 – 22 episodes

  • Summary

The two brothers, Sam and Dean, together with Castiel go on a mission together to kill Lilith. Sam drinks the blood of a demon to kill him. After he manages to kill Lilith, he is shocked to find that Ruby was betraying everyone and that Lilith’s death marked the last of the 66 seals. Dean tries to stop Sam, but it’s too late now.

  • Episodes

S4E1 – Lazarus Rising

S4E2 – Are You There, God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester

S4E3 – In the Beginning

S4E4 – Metamorphosis

S4E5 – Monster Movie

S4E6 – Yellow Fever

S4E7 – It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

S4E8 – Wishful Thinking

S4E9 – I Know What You Did Last Summer

S4E10 – Heaven and Hell

S4E11 – Family Remains

S4E12 – Criss Angel Is a Douche Bag

S4E13 – After School Special

S4E14 – Sex and Violence

S4E15 – Death Takes a Holiday

S4E16 – On the Head of a Pin

S4E17 – It’s a Terrible Life

S4E18 – The Monster at the End of This Book

S4E19 – Jump the Shark

S4E20 – The Rapture

S4E21 – When the Levee Breaks

S4E22 – Lucifer Rising

Season 5 – 22 episodes

  • Summary

Now that Lucifer is free and the Apocalypse is set to happen, Sam and Dean are trying to fight and stop it all. Dean, Sam, Castiel and Bobby almost give up after going through a lot of unfortunate events.

  • Episodes

S5E1 – Sympathy for the Devil

S5E2 – Good God, Y’all!

S5E3 – Free to Be You and Me

S5E4 – The End

S5E5 – Fallen Idols

S5E6 – I Believe The Children Are Our Future

S5E7 – The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

S5E8 – Changing Channels

S5E9 – The Real Ghostbusters

S5E10 – Abandon All Hope

S5E11 – Sam, Interrupted

S5E12 – Swap Meat

S5E13 – The Song Remains The Same

S5E14 – My Bloody Valentine

S5E15 – Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

S5E16 – Dark Side of the Moon

S5E17 – 99 Problems

S5E18 – Point of No Return

S5E19 – Hammer of the Gods

S5E20 – The Devil You Know

S5E21 – Two Minutes to Midnight

S5E22 – Swan Song

Season 6 – 22 episodes

  • Summary

Sam makes a team with Samuel that works for Crowley. He wants to use the Alpha monsters in order to draw in more mystical strength. Crowley then does a ritual in order to get all the power of the souls. Castiel also does a ritual and he is victorious – he declares himself God.

  • Episodes

S6E1 – Exile on Main St.

S6E2 – Two and a Half Men

S6E3 – The Third Man

S6E4 – Weekend at Bobby’s

S6E5 – Live Free or Twihard

S6E6 – You Can’t Handle the Truth

S6E7 – Family Matters

S6E8 – All Dogs Go To Heaven

S6E9 – Clap Your Hands

S6E10 – Caged Heat

S6E11 – Appointment in Samarra

S6E12 – Like a Virgin

S6E13 – Unforgiven

S6E14 – Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

S6E15 – The French Mistake

S6E16 – …And Then There Were None

S6E17 – My Heart Will Go On

S6E18 – Frontierland

S6E19 – Mommy Dearest

S6E20 – The Man Who Would Be King

S6E21 – Let It Bleed

S6E22 – The Man Who Knew Too Much

Season 7 – 23 episodes

  • Summary

As known from the previous season, Castiel declares himself God. After a lot of persuasion from the Horseman Death, he finally agrees to release all the souls. Now we’re dealing with a new nemesis, called the Leviathans. As they all start to become even more powerful, Dean and Sam unite their power with Castiel, Bobby, Meg, Kevin, and Crowley in order to defeat all of them.

  • Episodes

S7E1 – Meet the New Boss

S7E2 – Hello, Cruel World

S7E3 – The Girl Next Door

S7E4 – Defending Your Life

S7E5 – Shut Up, Dr. Phil

S7E6 – Slash Fiction

S7E7 – The Mentalists

S7E8 – Season 7, Time for a Wedding!

S7E9 –    How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

S7E10 – Death’s Door

S7E11 – Adventures In Babysitting

S7E12 – Time After Time

S7E13 – The Slice Girls

S7E14 – Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magic Menagerie

S7E15 – Repo Man

S7E16 – Out With the Old

S7E17 – The Born-Again Identity

S7E18 – Party On, Garth

S7E19 – Of Grave Importance

S7E20 – The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

S7E21 – Reading is Fundamental

S7E22 – There Will Be Blood

S7E23 – Survival of the Fittest

Season 8 – 23 episodes

  • Summary

Kevin is trying to find the meaning of the tablet – he finds about the three trials. Sam and Dean are trying to trap Crowley.  Naomi hunts Metatron and then learns that he wants to get into Heaven. Sam and Dean manage to reunite, and we see in the season finale that Sam is losing his consciousness with Dean beside him.

  • Episodes

S8E1 – We Need to Talk About Kevin

S8E2 – What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?

S8E3 – Heartache

S8E4 – Bitten

S8E5 – Blood Brother

S8E6 – Southern Comfort

S8E7 – A Little Slice of Kevin

S8E8 – Hunteri Heroici

S8E9 – Citizen Fang

S8E10 – Torn and Frayed

S8E11 – LARP and the Real Girl

S8E12 – As Time Goes By

S8E13 – Everybody Hates Hitler

S8E14 – Trial and Error

S8E15 – Man’s Best Friend With Benefits

S8E16 – Remember the Titans

S8E17 – Goodbye Stranger

S8E18 – Freaks and Geeks

S8E19 – Taxi Driver

S8E20 – Pac-Man Fever

S8E21 – The Great Escapist

S8E22 – Clip Show

S8E23 – Sacrifice

Season 9 – 23 episodes

  • Summary

Both Sam and Dean find out that they are in a world where mythical creatures want them dead. Dean kills Abaddon, but Mark starts to have a bigger impact on him. At the same time, him, together with Sam, need to find a way to stop Metatron. We see in the season finale that Dean is dying.

  • Episodes

S9E1 – I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

S9E2 – Devil May Care

S9E3 – I’m No Angel

S9E4 – Slumber Party

S9E5 – Dog Dean Afternoon

S9E6 – Heaven Can’t Wait

S9E7 – Bad Boys

S9E8 – Rock and a Hard Place

S9E9 – Holy Terror

S9E10 – Road Trip

S9E11 – First Born

S9E12 – Sharp Teeth

S9E13 – The Purge

S9E14 – Captives


S9E16 – Blade Runners

S9E17 – Mother’s Little Helper

S9E18 – Meta Fiction

S9E19 – Alex Annie Alexis Ann

S9E20 – Bloodlines

S9E21 – King of the Damned

S9E22 – Stairway to Heaven

S9E23 – Do You Believe in Miracles?

Season 10 – 24 episodes

  • Summary

In this season, Dean is still being a demon, and it seems that he likes it. Sam doesn’t know about how Dean lives his current life, so he is still looking for him. When they reunite, they become the main suspects for a murder that happened while they were looking for a shapeshifter.

  • Episodes

S10E1 – A Very Special Supernatural Special

S10E2 – Black

S10E3 – Reichenbach

S10E4 – Soul Survivor

S10E5 – Paper Moon

S10E6 – Fan Fiction

S10E7 – Ask Jeeves

S10E8 – Girls, Girls, Girls

S10E9 – Hibbing 911

S10E10 – The Things We Left Behind

S10E11 – The Hunter Games

S10E12 – There’s No Place Like Home

S10E13 – About a Boy

S10E14 – Halt & Catch Fire

S10E15 – The Executioner’s Song

S10E16 – The Things They Carried

S10E17 – Paint it Black

S10E18 – Inside Man

S10E19 – Book of the Damned

S10E20 – The Werther Project

S10E21 – Angel Heart

S10E22 – Dark Dynasty

S10E23 – The Prisoner

S10E24 – Brother’s Keeper

Season 11 – 23 episodes

  • Summary

The two brothers manage to release The Darkness, and now they have to deal with the consequences. This season, they meet deputy sheriff Jenna who tells them about a mysterious infection that’s spreading, that makes people kill everyone around them. Sam and Dean now look for a way to stop the chaos.

  • Episodes

S11E1 – Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

S11E2 – Form and Void

S11E3 – The Bad Seed

S11E4 – Baby

S11E5 – Thin Lizzie

S11E6 – Our Little World

S11E7 – Plush

S11E8 – Just My Imagination

S11E9 – O Brother Where Art Thou?

S11E10 – The Devil in the Details

S11E11 – Into the Mystic

S11E12 – Don’t You Forget About Me

S11E13 – Love Hurts

S11E14 – The Vessel

S11E15 – Beyond the Mat

S11E16 – Safe House

S11E17 – Red Meat

S11E18 – Hell’s Angel

S11E19 – The Chitters

S11E20 – Don’t Call Me Shurley

S11E21 – All in the Family

S11E22 – We Happy Few

S11E23 – Alpha and Omega

Season 12 – 23 episodes

  • Summary

The dead mother makes her appearance in this season. Sam and Dean are trying to kill Lucifer, while they’re still trying to solve the problem with the crimes they never committed. Eventually they get arrested, thing that makes their mother – Mary – and Castiel to rely on mysterious sources in order to free them.

  • Episodes

S12E1 – Keep Calm and Carry On

S12E2 – Mamma Mia

S12E3 – The Foundry

S12E4 – American Nightmare

S12E5 – The One You’ve Been Waiting For

S12E6 – Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

S12E7 – Rock Never Dies


S12E9 – First Blood

S12E10 – Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

S12E11 – Regarding Dean

S12E12 – Stuck in the Middle (With You)

S12E13 – Family Feud

S12E14 – The Raid

S12E15 – Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

S12E16 – Ladies Drink Free

S12E17 – The British Invasion

S12E18 – The Memory Remains

S12E19 – The Future

S12E20 – Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

S12E21 – There’s Something About Mary

S12E22 – Who We Are

S12E23 – All Along the Watchtower

Season 13 – 23 episodes

  • Summary

We learn that Lucifer is back again, and the entire action focuses on the journeys that Sam and Dean take part of. Apparently Lucifer has a child, thing that places the two brothers in a difficult situation. They need to take care of the dangers from their way, and also fight Lucifer.

  • Episodes

S13E1 – Lost and Found

S13E2 – The Rising Son

S13E3 – Patience

S13E4 – The Big Empty

S13E5 – Advanced Thanatology

S13E6 – Tombstone

S13E7 – War of the Worlds

S13E8 – The Scorpion and the Frog

S13E9 – The Bad Place

S13E10 – Wayward Sisters

S13E11 – Breakdown

S13E12 – Various & Sundry Villains

S13E13 – Devil’s Bargain

S13E14 – Good Intentions

S13E15 – A Most Holy Man

S13E16 – Scoobynatural

S13E17 – The Thing

S13E18 – Bring ’em Back Alive

S13E19 – Funeralia

S13E20 – Unfinished Business

S13E21 – Beat the Devil

S13E22 – Exodus

S13E23 – Let the Good Times Roll

Season 14 – 20 episodes

  • Summary

Right from the beginning of the season, we see that Dean has been possessed by the Archangel Michael. The Archangel is trying to end the world and Dean, together with Castiel and Jack are trying to stop him from doing so.

  • Episodes

S14E1 – Stranger in a Strange Land

S14E2 – Gods and Monsters

S14E3 – The Scar

S14E4 – Mint Condition

S14E5 – Nightmare Logic

S14E6 – Optimism

S14E7 – Unhuman Nature

S14E8 – Byzantium

S14E9 – The Spear

S14E10 – Nihilism

S14E11 – Damaged Goods

S14E12 – Prophet and Loss

S14E13 – Lebanon

S14E14 – Ouroboros

S14E15 – Peace of Mind

S14E16 – Don’t Go in the Woods

S14E17 – Game Night

S14E18 – Absence

S14E19 – Jack in the Box

S14E20 – Moriah

Season 15  – 20 episodes

  • Summary

This is the last season of the show. We finally see how the story of Sam and Dean concludes after all these years. They meet God itself as they are trying to kill one of its fallen sons, Jack. This makes God think that is might be better if he just destroys the mystical world.

  • Episodes

S15E1 – Back and to the Future

S15E2 – Raising Hell

S15E3 – The Rupture

S15E4 – Atomic Monsters

S15E5 – Proverbs 17:3

S15E6 – Golden Time

S15E7 – Last Call

S15E8 – Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven

S15E9 – The Trap

S15E10 – The Heroes’ Journey

S15E11 – The Gamblers

S15E12 – Galaxy Brain

S15E13 – Destiny’s Child

S15E14 – Last Holiday

S15E15 –  Gimmie Shelter

S15E16 – Drag Me Away (From You)

S15E17 – Unity

S15E18 – The Truth

S15E19 – Inherit the Earth

S15E20 – Carry On



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