Instagram Web-based Version Receives New Features


Instagram’s latest update was launched for the users. From now on, the users of the Instagram application can see and respond to the messages in their browser rather than opening the mobile app. However, the developers have tackled only one issue regarding the inappropriate experience that the browser version offers to its users.

Instagram if part of one of the wealthiest companies in the world, Facebook. Unfortunately, the lack of interest the company pays for this app can be easily spotted.

At the moment, the only things one can do are represented by the standard functions of the applications, such as liking and commenting on posts, as well as responding to direct messages. The core functionality of the app is yet unavailable on the desktop version.

Instagram brings new features for its web-based app

The browser page does not allow users to upload new posts such as videos and pictures and the only thing available is IGTV available for those having a business account. One thing that users opt for is third-party tricks that allow users to track their Instagram account into believing that the account is connected on a mobile app. However, this is not as good as the actual mobile app because most of the filters for the posts and editing tools are not available or provide a horrible user experience.

For those trying to keep a high-end Instagram account, the lack of functionalities available is increasingly disturbing. When editing a photo using Lightroom or Photoshop after the shot was taken with a mirrorless DSLR, for example, the users have two options of sharing their image.

Either they make use of the third-party imitation of a mobile app on the desktop, or they send the copy to a smartphone and they post it directly from there. Therefore, this lack of options reduced people to post less high-quality content, even though the primary focus of Instagram is providing artistic visual content.

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