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Intel’s Xe-HPG GPUs – 6nm Process Node And The 2021 Discrete Graphics Lineup

Intel is introducing the first gaming discrete graphics card that will work on its next-gen Xe-HPG GPU.

The lineup will include a series of products but in contrast to the Xe-LP & Xe-HP GPU line, which will be produced on Intel’s 10nm SuperFin process node.

The Xe-HPG GPUs will be manufactured at an external foundry, with TSMC being the most probable individual.

TSMC’s Triumph

Reports from Taiwanese related outlets suggest that TSMC is positive in winning orders for Intel’s Xe-HPG GPUs.

The report was posted by IThome (via @haraukaze5719):

Intel’s Xe-HPG GPUs will be built at TSMC’s fabs, using their cutting-edge technologies.

The Taiwan-based reports suggest that the company will most likely use TSMC’s 6nm process node for the gaming GPUs competing with the likes of AMD’s RDNA 2 and NVIDIA Ampere.

About The Tech

The TSMC 6nm process node was presented last year in the company’s newest roadmap.

The project was codenamed “N6,” and it takes advantage of EUV lithography tech.

The 6nm tech will result in an 18% increase in logic density over the TSMC 7nm technology.

However, the new technology is still compatible with the previous 7nm generation that will supposedly decrease the time it takes to market consumer products.


Here are the three configurations for the Xe HP:

  • Xe HP (12.5) 1-Tile GPU: 512 EU [Est: 4096 Cores, 10.6 TFLOPs 1.3 GHz, 150W]
  • Xe HP (12.5) 2-Tile GPU: 1024 EUs [Est: 8192 Cores, 21.2 1.3 GHz, TFLOPs, 300W]
  • Xe HP (12.5) 4-Tile GPU: 2048 EUs [Est: 16,384 Cores, 42.3 TFLOPs 1.3 GHz, 400W/500W]


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