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iOS 13.4 Bug Affects The Privacy Of The VPN Users – How To Fix

Apple has recently released the 13.4 iOS update for its users. However, fans have noticed that there is a problem with the VPNs which are not able to encrypt user traffic and data wholly. The company has officially announced that the developing team is aware of this issue and that they are currently trying to fix it as soon as possible.

Proton VPN is the company that shared this issue with Apple, helping them get a better insight into how the bug is developing. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. When a user accesses this type of network, the operating system automatically disables all the existing Internet connections and then channels them through the VPN configuration.

The Proton community researching team has discovered that Apple has started launching versions without the option for the operating system to close the existing connection. This has been happening to begin with iOS 13.3.1 until the latest version iOS 13.4.

How to fix the iOS 13.4 bug that affects the VPN solutions on iPhone

The issue has not been observed until now because most of the links establish themselves with the VPN tunnel. However, there are long-lasting connections that sometimes stay open even a couple of hours outside of the VPN channel.

The VPN bug mostly impacts the notification system, but any of the applications on the phone can be affected. This issue is of high importance in countries where privacy, security and civil rights are abused. However, this issue is far from being solved since any other VPN service cannot provide any suitable solution for the question. This happens because IOS does not guarantee access to VPNs to kill the network connections that exist.

Until Apple finds a way to solve this problem in iOS 13.4, Proton VPN mentions that there is an alternative every user can try if he wants to be protected. Users connect to the VPN and then turn on and off the Airplane Mode. Even though this solution does not offer 100% security, it is at least something. The solution that Apple has proposed until now is enabling the “Always-on VPN” setting using the device management software.



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