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iOS 13.4 Developer Beta 2 Available with New Fast Downloads

Apple continues its dominance. When the Cupertino-based giant is not releasing high-tech and mind-blowing gadgets like iPhone 11, it works on ways to improve its services.

Apple released iOS 13.4 Developer Beta 2 yesterday, February 19. This release comes only a week after the release of the first version of iOS 13.4 Developer Beta. That version brought some useful and entertaining new features to the iPhone users, such as: upgraded Mail toolbar, the possibility to control your NFC compatible car using CatKey.

What iOS 13.4 Developer Beta 2 brings new

The dev beta 2 brings plenty of new things. The download options bring new possibilities like enabling or not the cellular data, and therefore you can choose “High Quality” or “Fast Downloads”. Also, you get the same options when it comes to the Wi-Fi settings.

Another new thing brought by the new dev beta release is involving the TV app. You can choose the enabling or disabling the cellular data under the streaming options. You can choose “Data Saver” or “High Quality” for cellular data. In the case of Wi-Fi, the same options are available, with the difference that Data Saver goes up to 1 GB per each hour.

The Mail toolbar was also a little improved in dev beta 2, for those who hate clicking on simple signs. The reply button replaces the flag sign, and also the new message button replaces the old reply button.

Apple has big plans

Although the new iOS 13.4 Developer Beta 2 is only for developers, as the name itself suggests, a public beta version is also expected to be released by Apple in several days.

Furthermore, the famous company headquartered in Cupertino has big plans for the near future: we are awaiting the new iPad Pro with 3D Cameras, the SE 2 model of iPhone, and let’s not forget the iPhone 12 lineup, the successor to iPhone 11 released last year. The future indeed looks very bright for Apple.



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