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IOS 13.5 Beta Brings the COVID-19 Tracking Application

The upcoming iOS 13.5 will include the COVID-19 Tracking app, the latest project of Apple, in an attempt to combat the spreading of the disease. A preview of iOS 13.5 was recently released, and it includes the very first version of this application. The latest update is not available for the broad public, yet. It is still undergoing a series of tests, and therefore it is available only for the developer portal.

Both Apple and Google have announced that they are planning on launching contact tracing 10th of April features for the operating system of their gadgets. The technology implemented for this feature will be equipped with randomized tokens that will be able to detect the other users that are located in your vicinity, using Bluetooth functionality and the capabilities of your smartphone.

The COVID-19 Tracking App in iOS 13.5 Beta

The symbols will automatically be stocked in your phone, and if some of the people are tested positive for coronavirus, an alert will be sent to your smartphone to inform you regarding this change. All of the processes are done anonymously without violating any privacy concerns.

The first released version of this application includes all the tools necessary for public health authorities to create their apps and services that can be implemented in the upcoming future. Up until now, there has not been any information regarding the release date of APIs, as well as the launch of health apps available to the public.

Apple has released an option where users are allowed to turn on and off their COVID-19 notifications, while Google has created an update to add the API for the Android devices that is available on Google Play Stores. In addition to this, Apple has created the possibility to unlock your phone using the FaceID while wearing a face mask, instead of entering the passcode every time.



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