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iOS 13.5 Jailbreak Now Available from Unc0ver

Who can make use of jailbreaking?

According to Wired, there is one tool that can jailbreak the recently released upgrade for iOS devices, entitled the iOS 13.5. The company has reported that the new hacking tool is efficient for any device that presents iOS 11 or higher. In addition to this, the group has declared that the jailbreak is user-friendly, and there is no harm that your device could experience while utilizing it. The tool does not have any impact neither on Apple services or the iOS sandbox security, and the battery life remains untouched.

Why should you use a jailbreak? Which are the manufacturer’s opinions over this new phenomenon?

The developer of the new jailbreak, named Unc0ver, has declared during his interview with Wired that this product is a unique variant having unique features. Consequently, he has stated that the application allows its users to access jailbreak files, as well as various components of the system that have no user data.

However, the officials have not made any declaration regarding which are the vulnerabilities exploited by Unc0ver. On top of that, the application is not open source. Jailbreaking is the key to download applications or other services that are normally not available for Apple users.

In addition to this, jailbreak brings a lot more control over the phone’s operating system and. Its most used feature is the fact that users can download applications that would have normally been restricted by the manufacturer.

When did the jailbreaking phenomenon start?

A couple of years ago, jailbreaking was commonly used by iOS users. A couple of years ago, the jailbreaking phenomenon began to rise, and the company decided to take revenge on this situation. Therefore, many jailbreaking applications were soon closed down since the giant Cupertino decided to affirm its position towards this matter.



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