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iOS 13.6.1 Update – An Unexpected Release With Surprising Fixes

Apple is famous for its attention to detail that they familiarised its users with over the past few years. Apple never let us down when it came to fixing iOS problems. They often address issues that we never even heard of!

Just when we thought that iOS 13.6 was going to be the last iOS 13 update, and iOS 14 is around the corner, Apple surprised us with a new version.

We won’t go ahead and suppose that it’s the final version of iOS 13 since Apple can strike again with an unexpected release.

Let’s talk more about iOS 13.6.1!

How To Install It

To install the latest iOS, go to the Settings app -> general -> Software Update.

From that point, tap on Download and Install and let the device do its thing.

If no update option pops up, it might be because your device is not compatible with the latest update.

What Was Fixed?

The version of the update suggests that the update only brings incremental benefits, but by no means does that imply that the update isn’t essential.

One of the highlights of the update is the fix of the infamous green tint on some iPhone display.

A thermal management issue generates the problem.

Though the problem isn’t that common, it’s good to know that Apple patched it.

Additionally, an issue that prevented some unnecessary system data files from being deleted was addressed.

Another highlight of the update is that the issue that disabled Exposure Notifications for some users was addressed.

Fixing that issue is extremely important, considering that it is the basis for Covid-19 Exposure trackers.

You should consider updating your Apple devices to iOS 13.6.1 if you haven’t already!



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