iOS 14 Could Come With More Wallpaper Options and an Android Feature

​iPhones’ wallpapers might see a major change with the forthcoming iOS 14, the latest leaks claim. The rumors say that the new changes include an incredibly new amount of wallpaper options, as well as a brand new widget functionality that could have one of Android‘s best features.

A couple of days ago, Twitter user DongleBookPro, who is renowned for leaking images of reported Apple projects under development, uploaded some screenshots that reportedly depict changes to the wallpaper feature in the tech giant’s upcoming mobile operating system update.

Wallpaper Changes

The most significant changes are made to the Home screen wallpaper, where users will have the option to adjust the look on display. Besides the regular view of the wallpaper, there will also be the possibility to choose between dark, dim, and blurred options.

Apple also seems to be changing the way wallpapers are organized, as per the leaked images. DongleBookPro showcases a ‘Collection’ category, which users will be able to full up with their own photos, as well as a label for iOS 13 wallpapers that will still be accessible even after the new update gets implemented.

New Widgets

As per 9to5Mac​, which has earlier reported that third parties will be allowed to bring wallpaper collections to iOS 14, says that the leaked images showcase more significant changes for the look and functionality of the OS that bring ‘true widgets’ to Apple’s system.

In iOS 13, widgets are located on the ‘Today’ screen, showing off calendar events, weather, and some information bits from third-party apps that support widgets.

Apple is preparing something different for iOS 14, according to 9to5Mac​. In the forthcoming operating system, users will get real widgets they will be able to drag around the Home screen of the device. 

This would make iOS look more similar to Android, which has provided since a long time full Home screen widgets that allow users to pin, such as weather bars or calendars.

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