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iOS 14 Could Have a Function for Retracting Sent Messages

Apple’s iOS 14 is expected to be revealed at the online-only WWDC 2020 event, which is scheduled to take place this month. The approaching day of the announcement has even pushed more leaks on the web, which tease what the next iPhone operating system will feature.  

The latest leak was reported by MacRumors, which said that iOS 14 would have the ability to retract sent iMessages. According to the developer community that managed to find an early build of the operating system, the iMessage redaction function will be visible to both parties, so the received of the message will see that the message has been deleted by the sender.   

Such a function already exists in WhatsApp, having the ability to remove messages sent to another person or in a group chat. However, in the communication app, the message is replaced with a text that says the message has been deleted.  

Including a redaction feature in iMessages would help advance Apple’s default iPhone messaging app to the level other services currently are.  

iOS 14 Call Recording   

Another recent leak suggested that iOS 14 will feature the ability to record incoming and outcoming calls on any Apple device that runs the operating system, as reported by 9to5Mac. However, after more information regarding the function was revealed, it seems like the feature could actually be used as a debugging tool for Apple and not function that will be available to users.  

The biggest rumor yet is that iOS 14 may have in-Home screen widgets to better provide information and notifications without requiring users to open an app. Other functions expected for Apple’s operating system include a list of viewed apps, a brand new multitasking interface, a new fitness app, and the capacity to try out applications without downloading them first.  

With this in mind, iOS 14 appears to be a major upgrade over the current iOS 13. 



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