iOS 14 Leak Hints To A Future Apple AR and VR Controller

It looks like Apple is taking a more serious interest in the Augmented Reality (AR) in iOS 14. At the moment, AR is refrained to hand devices, such as the iPhone or iPad. However, the company has taken a step further with the LiDAR scanner that they introduced in the iPad Pro. We expect them to launch a new product featuring more AR features in the following year.

Their interest in the AR technology was also confirmed wit the latest leak. It is about a code part of the internal version of iOS 14. The leaked code reveals a few techniques that the company is using to test the AR headset. Apple is testing a geolocated bowling game, which looks pretty cool if you ask me.

The game literally lets you play bowling using the crosswalk as a lane. It looks like the company created a look-alike HTC Vive controller that will help developers with the AR testing.

Apple might work on an AR and VR controller, according to a new iOS 14 leak

The Apple controller is not such a surprise as the company has worked with HTC in the past. It looks like both companies keep in touch, whether it is hardware related or sometimes even more. Anyway, a photo of the controller was also leaked on the internet, and all we know is that it looks similar to the HTC Vive controllers.

All this information was leaked, which means that the controller is not for the users. At least, not yet. We don’t know exactly the scope for this device, but it is more than likely for developing purposes.

Virtual Reality (VR) is more and more desired by the users; therefore, it makes sense that Apple is diving more into this category. A controller with help tremendously with the VR game experiences, so this could be one of the company’s goals. Or maybe the company wants to combine the VR and AR in a 3D experience. Regardless of what we think, the company is definitely preparing something in iOS 14 for its users, and we can’t wait to find out exactly what that is.

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