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IOS 14 Might Bring Screen Widgets for iPhone Models

Android released widgets for its devices a long time ago. This feature has been available for Apple but is not as upgraded as it is when it comes to the competitors. However, rumors are announcing that this feature may be available starting with the upcoming iOS 14. The leaks are stating that Apple developers are creating a real widget experience for iPhone users.

This feature allows its users to decide where to place the widgets freely. They act as an app icon positioned on the screen. Therefore, to achieve the desired outcome, the company could restrict access from the actual widgets for some time until the final product is done.

iOS 14 will bring new features

9to5Mac reported this news for the first time. Recently, the leaks have been supported by Dongle’s Twitter account. A tweet is confirming the upcoming wallpaper on IOS 14. A screenshot is displaying a home screen design that could allow users to burn their background, as well as applying dark or colored themes to their gadgets. Theoretically speaking, these dynamics will enable the widget to stand out even though the history of the phone is too busy.

However, the fans are stating that there will not be as much flexibility for Apple devices ar it is for android users. For Android devices, users are allowed to position app shortcuts anywhere on the home screen. While this approach for iPhone seems that it will not be realized, fans are still hoping that this leak is going to be true. Unfortunately, the Apple devices have not seen any improvement in the home design for years, and this would mean enormous changes.

Therefore, we are still waiting for an official declaration because up until now, there have been numerous leaks regarding the iOS 14, starting with the introduction of widgets and finishing with Siri’s upgrade to understand natural requests better.



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