iOS 14 Might Permit Coding On iPhone and iPad

iPad is highly renowned for the features that it provides for content creators. Most of the users appreciate iPad’s design because it offers them the chance to draw, edit photos or videos, and with documents. iOS 14 would bring some exciting functions for developers.

In addition to this, it seems like the company is bringing a new series of features on the market for its users, allowing developers to try Apple’s services as well. It is said that the company is working on a feature that would enable the user to code directly from their tablets or smartphones powered by iOS 14.

A recent tweet was posted by the account FrontpageTech’s Jon Prosser. The leaker declared that the giant Cupertino is now focusing on introducing for iOS and iPadOS users the possibility to code directly on the device itself.

iOS 14 To Allow Devs to Code on their Apple Devices

Should you be less familiar with the concept, coding, in theory, is not available on the Apple devices. There are indeed several workarounds that fans might use sometimes, but the limitations and restrictions they impose are making this experience less user-friendly.

If the content spread by Jon Prosser is real, it means that the company is trying to integrate the Xcode environment into its devices. Xcode is an environment that allows users to develop their applications for the tools that use iOS 14 as an operating system. Jon Prosser mentions that this initiative may be the beginning of an era of Pro applications for iPad.

Xcode is a feature that increases efficiency. While having Xcode, users will be able to carry around their work on a tablet, without needing to buy a MacBook to proceed with their jobs. In addition to this, the fact the iPad Pro features an extra accessory available for purchase is even more enjoyable. The keyboard, which is equipped with a trackpad makes this tablet an impressive laptop replacement.

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