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iOS 14 Public Beta is Now Available – But is it Worth Trying?

Every year, Apple releases new iOS updates, and users who participate in public beta tests cannot deny the fun of waiting and then checking them out. The best tests have already started for this year for iOS 14, but those who are new to this might want to consider the snags of using an unfinished construct of the operating system.

Before Enrolling in the iOS 14 Public Beta Program

Part of Apple’s practice is to release upcoming updates first to developers and then to the users, in the form of public beta, as soon as the operating system reaches some stability. However, that doesn’t mean the version of iOS 14​ people can use now is close to being complete.

iOS 14​ public beta testers still expect bugs and glitches to appear, and the new features do not work perfectly. There is a reason the OS build is currently still in the beta phase. To prevent any problems, it is best to back up the data stored on the device you intend to use to test the iOS. If possible, it is recommended to use the beta version of the software on a spare device.

On the other hand, the new features confirmed to come with the new iOS might not be worth it for most fans to take those small risks because the complete version won’t launch until fall.

How to Join the iOS 14 Public Beta Tests

Becoming part of the iOS 14 public beta community is a rather simple process. Apple users can actually do it for free with any devices compatible with the software update.

Users interested in iOS testing can navigate to the Apple Beta Software Program page where they can sign up and register their device in order to get the iOS 14 public beta version that’s set to officially launch for the public in the coming months. Compatible devices include the iPhone SE and iPhone 6S, as well as the rest of the iPhone models launched after it. iOS 14​ will also support the seventh-generation iPod Touch.

Besides a compatible device, users need an Apple ID in order to sign in for the beta program. Once registered, testers will have to use the device’s Safari browser to launch, from where a configuration profile can be downloaded. After the process completes, the iOS 14​ public beta should be available and can be installed on the device from the settings menu, tapping on ‘General’ and selecting the ‘Software Update’ option.



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