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iOS 14: This Hidden Feature Will Make Your Life Easier

Although Apple has mentioned most of the major improvements coming to iPhone users with iOS 14 throughout last week’s official reveal, lots of users have been discovering their own enhancements not unveiled during the tech giant’s annual WWDC conference.  

One of these fixes an issue that iPhone owners have reported for a while now. iPhone users can now add captions to their photos straight from the device. Initially, this was something that could only be done in the Photos app on Mac, but now people are allowed to write descriptions immediately without having to wait for pictures to sync.  

While this might seem an insignificant addition, writing a short description of photos makes a huge difference because the data is then indexed for use with the Photos search interface. Simply put, finding particular images should be a lot easier, as long as you’ve been thorough with the captioning.  

How to Add a Caption to Photos in iOS 14  

Adding a caption to images on the new operating system is rather easy, as MacRumors explains. Simply tap a photo to see it full screen, and swipe to access the caption section. Tap the field, write your text, press ‘Enter’, and the caption is saved.  

It is bits of ‘quality of life’ adjustments like this that should make your device more exciting to use. We can see why Apple did not have time to mention this feature; iOS 14 sports a plethora of other functions, such as widgets for the Home screen and a revamped Siri, as well as a picture-in-picture mode and App Clips, the company’s version of Google’s Instant Apps.  

The operating system is also said to come with a Sound Detection feature, a bunch of functions inspired from Android, and other useful additions.       

All of these features will be available in iOS 14, which is set to launch as a public beta in July and officially roll out this fall. 



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