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iOS 14 Will Come With a Call Recording Feature

IOS 14 is reported to allegedly feature a native call recording function for both the default smartphone and FaceTime calls. The new information comes from a system engineering image revealed by the jailbreak fans.  

The feature will reportedly notify the person on the other side and will also remind the one recording to regard local jurisdiction. We don’t know yet whether the call recording will be available in all areas as some countries have more stringent laws on the matter, and call recording by users is not permitted.  

Once enabled, the feature will record all the incoming and ongoing calls, until it is turned off in the settings. The upcoming operating system will be announced at Apple’s WWDC 2020 on June 22nd and is expected to be available to all iPhones currently running iOS 13. Unlike all the previous events, this particular one will be held online.  

iOS 14 Call Recording Feature

Usually, Apple supports iPhones for four years, but at times, we get five years of support. For instance, iOS 12 brought support for all Apple devices running iOS 11. After the widespread criticism of iOS 11 and iOS 13, any company would want to avoid all sorts of disapproval, and as we see things now, iPhone 6s users, as well as iPhone SE users, may be receiving the last update this year. However, there’s no official announcement regarding this, but the online WWDC conference of this month may reveal some information about this matter.  

Just a while ago, Google removed the call history API on Android 6.0, but now we received the news that Apple will add this function to iOS 14, which is rather interesting. Still, as we already mentioned, the addition may not be accessible in all regions; for instance, in Australia and India, the government has passed regulations that don’t allow users to record calls. 



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