iPad Mini 6 is Almost Here – Release Date, Price, Specs and Latest Reports

It appears we won’t have to wait as long for the iPad mini 6 as we waited for the iPad mini 5. According to some rather reliable rumors, we’ve recently got a good idea of when the Apple tablet might launch, as well as what reasons it might give us to upgrade.

The speculated changes, as we’ve seen them until now, are ranging from a powerful new processor to an outstanding new high-end screen technology and design. Here is everything we know about the iPad mini 6​ so far, based on the leaks and speculations.

iPad mini 6 – Release Date and Price

A recent research note from Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned Apple analyst, says that the tech giant wants to launch the iPad mini 6​ in the first half of the next year. The previous model in the mini series came out in March 2019, which would place about two years in between the releases.

Apple could just launch the iPad mini 6​ on any day of the week, as it’s been recently proven, with the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2020, that it doesn’t actually need to be pre-announced. The iPad mini 6​ will probably keep the $399 price the predecessor had.

Apple has typically kept its tablets at the same price throughout the years, and the iPad mini starts with 64GB of storage, which provides a better value preposition against the 32GB iPad that costs $329. The 256GB iPad mini’s price tag adds $149 to the cost, making it $549, and the price-to-storage upgrade behavior seems to continue.

iPad mini 6 – Mini-LED on the Way

The biggest piece of news from Ming-Chi Kuo is that the iPad mini 6​ is not so mini. The new device is expected to have an 8.5-inch screen, which is an increase of 8 percent from the 7.9-inch display on the iPad mini 5. Although an earlier report from the analyst suggested the tablet’s screen could be even 9 inches, speculations seem to have settled around the 8.5-inch size.

Kuo has also implied that the next device in the mini series will have a Mini-LED screen, which has all the display features of OLED screens, without the decay issues on. However, this was reported early in the year, when Kuo said the iPad mini 6​ would be 7.9-inch and debuting in 2020, two things that seem to not be the case anymore.

iPad mini 6 – Design

There are currently lots of rumors claiming that the iPad mini 6​ could have a design that looks similar to the new iPad Pro than the iPad, with slimmer bezels and no Home button. However, this 8.5-inch device doesn’t sound like one that will suffer a radical transformation. 

It’s not difficult to see, though, why people want the iPad Pro’s design for the next iPad mini: it will make it possible for the tablet to support the 2-nd generation iPad Pencil, which is a lot better than the 1st generation Gen Pencil.

iPad mini 6 – Processor and Specs

A post on the Chinese website MyDrivers.com suggests that the iPad mini 6​ will come with an A13 chipset, which only makes sense as an upgrade from the A12 Bionic processors in the iPad mini 5.

The post also mentions the iPad mini 6​ will keep using the Lightning port. This connector has been one of the most rumored things lately, and there is a lot of speculation that Apple will remove the port entirely in the iPhone 13, while the iPad Pro got the universal USB-C port.

iPad mini 6 – Outlook

These early iPad mini 6​ rumors suggest that Apple is not planning to go with the last year’s update mainly, but it is looking to make the upcoming iPad mini a great evolution of the product.

If the Mini-LED feature will be added in the iPad mini 6​, the tablet would feel like a revolution over the previous model, indeed, which was actually quite good, to begin with. However, as long as we get a bigger display that doesn’t make the iPad mini a lot bigger, as well as a performance improvement, the iPad mini 6​ will be a great product.

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