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iPad Mini 6 is Coming: Specs, Release Date, and More

Apple will once again plunge into a great plan to keep its numerous fans satisfied. It’s not enough that the Cupertino-based giant is preparing the launch of iPhone 12 by the end of the year and the SE 2 much sooner. The iPad mini 6 will arrive in the market soon, and it’s destined to make the lives of the users much more entertaining.

Apple has to deal frequently with the nuisance of its pretentious fans, and it’s interesting to see how pleased will they be with the iPad mini 6 gadget.

Release date

Figuring out when the new iPad mini will be launched is a pretty difficult question. iPads don’t have the same release pattern as iPhones have. Let’s take a look at how the previous iPads had been released:

  • iPad mini: October 2012
  • iPad mini 2: October 2013
  • iPad mini 3: October 2014
  • iPad mini 4: September 2015
  • iPad mini 5: March 2019

As you can see for yourself, there’s a huge gap between the fourth and the fifth iPad. After four autumn releases in a row, there’s a difference of over 3 years. Hopefully, the new iPad mini will come to the market during October 2020. It’s improbable that Apple will wait for another three and a half years. The company should return to the old pattern.

New features

The latest rumors point to the implementation of a Face ID for the upcoming iPad. Also, it seems that compatibility with the great second-generation Apple Pencil won’t be available for the new iPad. The first-generation Pencil from Apple stood exclusive to the Pros for more than two years.

iPad 6 mini will also be equipped with an A13 processor, perhaps the most powerful one available. Also, a 7nm process will be implemented, but perhaps maybe even an improved ‘7nm+’ or even ‘7nm Pro’ version, which means more power efficiency. Also, the rear camera and the RAM won’t be improved – we’ll have 7 MP for the camera, and the same 3 GB of RAM.

Are you also eager to get your hands on iPad 6 mini?

The current iPad Mini is available at the below price:



  1. I’m ready for the iPad Mini 6 NOW! Wish I didn’t have to wait until October find out if the new one will be released. I have the 4th generation still; I skipped the 5th gen, holding out for the 6th gen Mini, since I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford every new gadget that’s released. I’m excited to see what the 6th generation Mini will show me.


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