iPad Pro 5G Latest Leaks – Supposed Features and Release Date

Apple was planning to launch its first 5G iPad Pro this fall, but the launch was delayed to 2021, supposedly because of the ongoing worldwide pandemic.

The upcoming 2021 iPad Pro will pack a mini-LED display and embedded 5G connectivity. Thankfully, Apple’s 5G smartphones are still set for release this fall.

Many people claim that Apple is behind schedule. Still, the general belief is that the company will manage to release the iPhone 12 before the end of 2020, perhaps sometime later than the initially planned September release date. Unfortunately, Apple’s first 5G tablet won’t be that lucky.

Supposed features

A Taiwanese news site reports that the tech giant has decided to launch its 12.9-inch 5G iPad Pro in spring 2021.

The upcoming iPad Pro is rumored to feature an A14 processor to match the performance of next-gen iPhones.

Additionally, the new iPad Pro would feature a dual-lens camera system, LiDAR module, high-quality microphones, and an improved A12Z Bionic chip.

Those specifications sound rather like a refresh than an entirely new generation of tablets.

Though the styling and sizing would be similar to what was offered by previous models, the technological improvement is there, most notably in the form of 5G connectivity.

5G devices are rare for the moment, but they will slowly become the new norm. That will be very amazing when you look at how some carriers achieved data transfer speeds of more than 1Gbps. Chances are your home connection, Wi-Fi or wired, isn’t even remotely that fast.

The mini-LED technology offers improved contrast, faster response time, and has better efficiency when compared to regular LCDs.

It was reported that many Apple products with mini-LED technology were in the works before the pandemic started, but the chances of new releases in 2020 are getting slimmer each day.

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