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iPad Pro and MacBook Pro Killer Feature – Mini-LED display technology

Tablets can still be useful gadgets in 2020 if you’ve chosen the right brand and model. Although they were created with the purpose of replacing laptops and desktop computers, we have to admit that tablets pretty much failed in this area. But even so, exceptions exist, and Apple created some interesting devices in the field.

It’s time to focus our attention on both the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro, as both devices will be packing a new technology that could become a standard for the near future.

Beware for the Mini-LED display technology

Both the above-mentioned devices will be getting this new technology, and it will surely delight many users. Mini-LED is a version of normal LED displays, only that it uses smaller LED light sources. Both brightness and color will be improved with Mini-LED.

According to a recent rumor, an early 2021 version of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be the first Apple device that will be packing Mini-LED. As for the first MacBooks that will be equipped with the new technology, they are expected to arrive around mid-2021.

iPad Pro 12.9 is one hell of a tablet

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro remains one of the proofs that tablets can compete with laptops sometimes. The gadget runs on iPadOS 13.4, up to the iPadOS 14. The A12Z Bionic chipset is powering the tablet, and the rest of the specs are also worth mentioning.

There are three versions of storage (128GB, 256GB, and 1TB) and 6GB of RAM. The display is an IPS LCD that measures 12.9 inches and has a resolution of 2048×2732 pixels. The 120Hz refresh rate grants a very smooth approach by the user.

Mini-LED’s price is still pretty reasonable, as it’s only about 20% to 30% more expensive than the standard LED.



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