iPhone 11 Pro Max: Best Cases That You can Dress Your Phone With

Apple brought up its iPhone 11 lineup last year in September. Many fans of the Cupertino-based giant were happy about the new flagship, considering that the predecessor iPhone X generated a lot of complaints among the users. iPhone 11 was better in pretty much all areas: better processor, more RAM, bigger display, more durability, and so on.

But regardless of how powerful your smartphone is, finding a nice-looking outfit for it always seems like a good idea. Furthermore, a case can also protect your gadget from shocks and scratches.

Speck CandyShell Grip

As cool as it looks, this case can provide pretty much the same level of protection. It’s very efficient when it comes to protecting your phone from drops and shocks. The case is supposed to be MIL-SPEC drop tested for extreme durability. There are two layers of cushioning for different collisions and invisible cleanliness with Microban antimicrobial protection.

While the iPhone is perfectly covered by the Speck Candyshell Grip case, the speaker slot, the microphones, and the charging port are precisely cutout.

TORRAS Ultra-Thin Series

They don’t call it ‘ultra thin’ for nothing. As you can see for yourself from the image above, the case is incredibly thin, which offers an extra amount of comfort while holding it in your hand. The case is even considered the slimmest one available for iPhones. This ‘phone suit’ is only 0.03 inch thick, and it claims to offer full protection front to back.

The pockets are friendly, the screen protector is there, and there’s easy access involved to all buttons and features of the iPhone. The main material is matt, and the finish provides a silky and soft touch.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Matte Black Case

The Spigen Liquid Air Armor has the merit of offering protection for the phone without being too bulky. This assures a comfortable usage while the users hold its newly dressed device. The corners of this model from Spigen are equipped with proprietary air pockets that guard the sides of the iPhone in case of drops. The anti-slip matte from the back provides great defense as well as the camera bump with a raised lip.

Spigen is a popular brand for creating smartphone cases. The firm also built cases for Samsung and other phone brands.

FYY Flip Folio Case

One great feature of this case is that it’s packed with an RFID blocker for safeguarding credit cards put inside it. The case is made using genuine leather that feels smooth when touching, although it is quite bulky compared to others. While dressing your iPhone with it, you’ll get easy access to all ports and controls, and the kickstand function is convenient for those moments when you want to watch a movie on the device or video call someone.

The FYY Flip Folio Case has multiple pockets for adding credit cards and even money if you wish. The case is available in multiple colors like red, navy, mint-green, dodger-blue, dark, and others.

Kitoo Lightweight

Regardless of how careful you are while maneuvering your iPhone, you know what they say: gravity always wins in a way or another. But that’s where the Kitto Lightweight case comes in handy: it promises to protect your iPhone from drops up to 10 feet.

This case is available in a range of colors like red, black, and rose gold. The case also provides early access to ports, buttons and cameras, although it covers all corners of the iPhone, offering full protection. Furthermore, the case offers nice-looking luxury design with carbon fiber finish.

Henpone Glitter Luxury Case

The looks of this case reveal a design for girls, and the built-in ring can easily turn itself into a kickstand. Of course, using such type of case by men isn’t forbidden. The Henpone Glitter case can also be used for Samsung S8 phones, and it’s recommended to remove the case when you’re wirelessly charging your phone, because the kickstand is made of metal.

This case was made of high grade TPU, full of sparkly bling bling inlaid artificial diamond for the edges. This design assures a very soft touch and flexible durability. The precision cutouts had been made for all ports, and the raised lip and camera cutout offer protection for lens & screen edge.

Miracase Liquid

This is a sillicone case, and it’s also pretty durable. It offers full body protection as a presentation from Amazon claims. The case even protects the screen and camera if the device drops or lays down on surface.

The inner layer is made of soft material that feels good to touch and safeguards your device from scratches. Instead of leaving the buttons and charging port exposed, the case is completely covered on all sides and provides great protection for iPhones.

Surely there has to be at least one case that you would want for your iPhone 11. However, we must emphasize the fact that Apple’s 2019 flagship is significantly more durable than its predecessor iPhone X. YouTuber UnlockRiver.com proved in a video that iPhone 11 is comparable in durability with the ancient and legendary Nokia 3310. Both phones were still functioning after they were thrown to the ground from 1,000 feet, although the iPhone had all its glass shattered. It’s still amazing that Apple’s smartphone could still function after the fall. However, buying an extra amount of protection for your iPhone 11 (namely a case) can only be beneficial.

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