iPhone 12 is Coming Fast, and the 5G Connectivity Could make it Better Than any Android Smartphone

Apple managed to delight a whole tech world last year in September when it brought its iPhone 11 flagship to the market. It was a tremendous upgrade for its predecessor iPhone X, offering more RAM, a better processor, better cameras, and last but not least: more durability. iPhone 11 is a truly strong phone, as it damaged the age-old myth that smartphones are always frail.

But Apple doesn’t want to stop here, as it prepares its 2020 flagship called simply ‘iPhone 12’. Obviously, it’s expected to be yet an even better smartphone than iPhone 11, with the 5G connectivity being among the highlights.

Better than all Android phones?

All the new 4 versions of iPhone 12 are rumored to be equipped with 5G modems that will support both T-Mobile’s sub-6GHz and Verizon’s mmWave networks.

However, the prices for the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup are pretty reasonable, as we can conclude from a report issued last month:

  • iPhone 12 of 5.4-inch: $649
  • iPhone 12 of 6.1-inch : $749
  • iPhone 12 Pro of 6.1-inch : $999
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max of 6.7-inch: $1,099

As for the other specs of the upcoming 2020 flagship from Apple, they certainly cannot be anywhere below those of the iPhone 11 predecessor. The 2019 flagship is packed with the most powerful processor present on iPhones (the A13 Bionic made by Apple), IP68 dust and waterproof, 4GB of RAM, video recording in 4K, and much more.

iPhone 12 is a flagship, which by definition means that it will be better than most phones. But with the 5G connectivity that isn’t already a standard for smartphones, the new iPhone will be one hell of a device.

If things go according to the plan, iPhone 12 will hit the stores in September. Hopefully, there won’t be any delay caused by the ongoing pandemic, as some specialists are even saying that it will be over until then.

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