iPhone 12 Mini – The World’s First Truly Compact 5G Device

5G smartphones are slowly making their way into the mainstream. Devices like the Oppo Find X2 Pro and the Moto G 5G Plus surprised us with their impressive performance. However, it appears that all 5G devices have something in common – They are huge and bulky.

What Do We Need?

Smartphone companies are always looking to convince us that we need bigger smartphone displays, so we can dub them as a mini theatre or enjoy playing games on them, but the phablets we have are often tough to use. Compact or small smartphones are becoming very rare, especially 5G compatible ones.

The iPhone 12 Mini is here to change that. Its 5.4-inch display is just what most of us need for comfortable usage. Apple is aware of what it built and its rivals, so it went ahead and called the iPhone 12 mini the “smallest, thinnest and lightest” 5G smartphone in the industry.

It’s impressive to see Apple innovating ahead of Android phones, though it is also a bit unusual to call a smartphone innovative for the sole fact that it is small.

However, other manufacturers obviously must follow suit.

The market is overcrowded with six-inch or even seven-inch models.

Some users don’t want to use their phones to watch TV Shows, movies, or games. They need a compact chassis to browse social media, take notes, and generally chat with people. The original iPhone SE was released at a time when its screen size was considered tiny. However, that did not stop it from becoming a massive success. We expect to see the same success (and even more) on the iPhone 12 Mini.

Huge smartphones are awkward to hold in your hand and use, as you need to stretch your fingers to access the power buttons, fingerprint sensors, and volume buttons. Also, they occupy a lot of space in your pocket, looking extremely obvious and potentially ruining your outfit.

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