iPhone 12 Pro Design Looks Fabulous

New renders of iPhone 12 Pro put previous versions to shame. As so many leaks of the next-gen iPhone emerge online, we get to meet the new concept and other key details.

The recent set of renders, however, looks better than before and succeeds in bringing some speculations to life. Our hopes could be scattered as the leaks might turn out to be false. So, we might take the renders and rumors with a grain of salt.

New iPhone 12 Pro renders

The new renders of the iPhone 12 Pro were made by svetapple. We get the chance to view the next-gen iPhone via 3D visualizations. The sleek design features flat, bold edges, a little notch, and a lot slimmer iPhone! It revives some iPhone 5’s lines, and a little bit of the 4th generation, as well.

As much as smartphone manufacturers seem to prefer the rounded edges, Apple might surprise everyone with a more flat concept. There are speculations that the notch will shrink a lot the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max. The notch would be less wide than what we witnessed at the iPhone 11 Pro lineup.

Some reports have confirmed an iPad-like aesthetic. Apple’s flagship might introduce a more futuristic touch. The renders indicate Apple utilizing the same materials as before, meaning we witness the well-known steel edges and a frosted glass rear panel. Svetapple detailed that the next-gen iPhone will be slimmer by almost one millimeter and the design will look sleeker than the last generation of iPhones.

More novelties about iPhone 12 Pro

It is also claimed that the tech giant would have to revamp the battery if it wants to keep the capacity. A SIM reposition could also be required, explained svetapple. As for the color variants, iPhone 12 Pro might see some bolder options, such as dark blue. But the hues in the mix might surprise everyone: olive green, gray, and white.

Another notable change spotted in the renders is the quad-camera module on the rear panel. The fourth lens is a LiDAR scanner. Such a feature is speculated to be introduced to both the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The LiDAR scanner is at the bottom right corner of the camera module.

Also, the True Tone flash is replaced to the center. Rumors claim that this time Apple will bring sharper sensors and some 64MP for the primary wide-angle lens. The people at Svelteapple state they’re approximately 80 % certain that the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will end up looking as seen in the renders.

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